The Cure For Loneliness

Recently I did a soul connection session with a yoga teacher and here are the golden nuggets I learned from this session:

Love, is the highest and most important mission.

To solve the despair in the world requires more people to get in touch with their inner selves.
The lack of connection people have with their inner selves is the true cause of loneliness.
When people are connected to their inner selves, they are more likely to make better decisions for themselves.
This is the best way to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

I personally felt incredibly touched by this soul connection session because it helps me realize the why behind what I do with my work – to help alleviate the pain and suffering in the world by helping people connect to their true inner selves and listen to their own inner wisdom.

Together with many healers around the world, we need to do our best to connect and be our true selves and help others to do the same.

How Money Flows

I had a conversation today with my friend and accountability partner and he shared an inspirational story about attracting money.

“I need to have a full roster of clients.” My friend said to me.
“Why?” I asked, “How can that help you?”
“I have a lot of financial obligations.” He said.
“Why don’t you just ask the Universe for what you want?” I said.
“That’s a good idea, let’s try that! Universe! I would like $50,000 by August 1st.” He said.
“That might not be specific enough, what do you need this money for?” I asked.
“We have some vet bills…debts we need to pay.” He said.
“You know, the Universe doesn’t care how the money comes to you. Sometimes, it means your ability to access loans.” I said.

Two Weeks Later

“You know, I have a confession to make.” My friend said.
“What happened?” I asked.
“My wife’s stepdad called and said, ‘Hey thanks for paying me back!’ He offered to loan us $5000 a while ago to help us out and $5000 recently appeared on his bank account. But the thing is, we didn’t send him any money.” My accountability partner said with a chuckle.
“You mean the exact sum of money that you your wife’s stepdad just showed up in the bank account out of nowhere.” I said.
“Yeah, pretty much! That’s not even it. My sister offered to pay for our family vacation we go together every year. That’s another $3000 I don’t have to pay.” He added.

“Wow! So what do you want to do this week for your business?” I asked.
“I need to get hired so that I can make some much needed money!”
“Don’t you see that the Universe often has other plans as to where the money comes from?”
“Oh yeah!”

When I was setting my own goals for this coming week, I also made a similar mistake, I wrote, “Show me a way I can help people while making good money!”
Surely, this would be the dream of every person. Do something they like to help others and make good money from it. But as soon as I wrote down my goal, I heard an amusing voice in my head:

Inner Wisdom (IW): Those are two different things you know.
May: What do you mean by that?
IW: How you help people and how money flows to you can be two different things. You may find an amazing way to help people, but that may not be the way you make a lot of money. However, that is not to say that you would not be presented with a lot of money. The truth is money doesn’t come from where YOU want it to come from. Don’t tell the Universe where you want the money to come from. They really do know better. Pay attention to how you can serve others, and let the Universe work its magic to bring abundance to you.


Dissolving Your Inner Critic

Business People Meditating In The WoodsI am in the process of designing a series of what I call Functional Meditations. These meditations are designed to help you access your own inner wisdom in a variety of situations. The first one I am in the process of creating is a meditation to help people deal with their inner critic. I came up with this idea while attending a personal development course. During a group share exercise, I was blown away by how many people would beat themselves up by criticizing themselves over little things. For example, there were some technical challenges with a virtual meeting and the organizer and group leader was bashing himself for being so disorganized.

I am also not immune to my own inner critic. I lose motivation and momentum just like many other people do. When fear and ego take over me, I find it hard to see the bright side of life that is full of possibilities. I need my own functional meditations as much as anyone else. The way we can easily access our inner wisdom is through inspired questions. Sometimes, I am clear headed enough to ask my own inspired actions, sometimes, I am too far into inner critic land to ask inspired questions. So, I decided to see if I could create a functional meditation that would overcome my own limitations.

Let’s talk about my own inner critict. One of the biggest fears and doubts I have is that no one would care about what I write and speak about. I fear that all my friends would think I am crazy and ignore me. What’s the point of writing a blog or doing a video if no one wants to read it or watch it? So I began to listen to the first recording of my Dissolve Your Inner Critic meditation. I started out by narrowing down my inner critic’s voice to one sentence or concept such as, “No one will care about what I say”. Then I began to listen to a short 7 minute functional meditation I created.

At the end of the meditation, I saw in my mind’s eye that even if people seem oblivious to what I have to say, they are still getting the energetic and spiritual benefits. I saw beams of soft flowing light caressing people and surrounding them with love, joy, and peace. I realized that this had nothing to do with whether people would listen to me because this work has far reaching benefits for people in general, whether they recognize it or not. There is no need to seek acceptance and reciprocation from certain people, but rather, leave it to the Universe to balance the flow of energy.

Now my inner champion has spoken! It showed me that I am making a difference and that I don’t have to be attached to how people respond to me. Instead, I can focus on the healing work I am meant to do.

The Consequences of Broken Promises

Listen to Your HeartDear Universe,

May:I feel super cranky right now. Everyone around me pushes the wrong buttons. The people I love are totally annoying me. What should I do?
Universe: Write
M: What should I write about?
U: Too many “should’s” and not enough writing. When we do not do what we say we would do, we become cranky and we take it on others. The other people are paying the price of your broken promises to yourself.
M: Am I different from other people? I guess this is my way of justifying that everyone else has a similar issue, I am not alone in this…:P
U: Speak for yourself only.
M: Ouch, my ego feels hurt.
U: It is you who create the meaning of the message being delivered. If you stop the justification, then you won’t feel as hurt. Take things as it is and not to make too much out of what it means to you.
M: Speaking of broken promises, would it be much better if we make no goals or promises to ourselves and then we won’t be breaking any promises or suffer any consequences of broken promises?
U: You may try to stop making promises in the physical, but there were promises you’ve made to yourself in the non-physical. You cannot ignore those promises.
M: We were not born to have the intel on what we have promised on the soul level are we?
U: Yes you were born with the information intact AND you have access to it.
M: I never hear you singing from heaven telling me what I am supposed to do. Or rather, what I had promised to do.
U: Yes, we sing from heaven into your heart all the time and you just have to listen to your heart.
M: It beats…
U: Do what you feel you must do. Even if it is hard. We sing from heaven in a way of a nudge in your heart. If you pay attention to what is in your heart, you will hear us more clearly.
M: You tell me to write but I don’t feel like it.
U: The real you very much feels like writing…which is why you get cranky when you are not writing. The aspect of you that does not feel like writing wants to keep you safe from others who may attack you for what you write.
M: Will there be people who will?
U: Absolutely!
M: That does not sound fun at all!
U: If you know that for every person who criticizes you, you can transform the lives of a thousand other people, would you rather be criticized once?
M: My ego is screaming that it does not want to be criticized at all.
U: And that stops you from doing what you came here to do. So, what’s more important?
M: Keep my promise and share my insights and stories. Who knows, maybe those who criticize me are cranky because they are resisting their true calling…

What I Learned

I was reminded that everyone comes here for a reason. There is something that each of us need to learn and to contribute in our own way. When we break our own promises to ourselves, we become cranky, anxious, annoyed, depressed, for no good reason. We need to consider both the promises we have made in the physical and non-physical. Even if it seemed like we have no access to our promises to our soul, we do have access to that and the Universe can speak to us through the feelings in our heart — to do what we feel we must do.

Bottom Line: Listen to your heart and do what your heart truly wants to do.


I sat down to write at my computer to fulfill my promise to write one thousand words a day. I added more than 3000 words to my book.

Money Causes Separation

Money FightEver since I discovered a method to allow clients to connect to the root cause of any issue quickly and effortlessly, I have been doing a lot of work with clients in the areas of love, wealth, and health. It started with my desire to be a coach. Not just any kind of coach, but the kind of coach that could empower and assist clients to tune into their own inner wisdom to find the guidance they need to make choices that are most beneficial to them. At first a few clients were attracted to this work for the purpose of finding love in their lives, then I started getting clients who were interested to find out why they were having issues with money.  I felt like I was quite suited to help people who were looking to create more money in their lives because I was able to create financial abundance for myself by being a co-founder of a software company. However, I realized that a lot of the work I did to create wealth was not in answering questions beginning with the Howsuch as “How can I make more money?” Rather, I did a lot of work around answering questions beginning with the word Why. “Why can’t I make money?” or “Why can’t I keep the money I made?”

After going through the process of creating abundance in my life, I began to realize that the how was not as important as the why.  As I was beginning to venture into my work as a coach, a previous  client contacted me from Japan for a session. During our session together, I asked this client to close her eyes and think about her beliefs around money.  She came up with six major limiting beliefs she had around money. For the purpose of our session together, she had chosen to work with the negative belief: Money causes separation.

Using only guided meditation techniques I have developed, I led her to access events and incidences in her soul’s memory that may have caused her to adopt the limiting belief that money causes separation.

In the first scene, this client remembered a fight she was having with her partner over money as they were talking about the possibility of breaking up.  The client said that her partner never seem to have enough money and this was really bothering her. Issues around money were threatening their relationship.

In the next scene, she saw that she was a small new born baby. Her parents were feeling stressed out about money because her parents were living with her father’s parents and they were expected to provide for the whole extended family while providing for a new born baby. Stressed and anxious, her parents moved out of the family home – which was against the cultural norm at the time.  In this scene, the client had the awareness that money was the main issue why her parents moved away from the extended family. Money caused separation.

I then prompted her to go even further back in time to an event that caused her to believe that money causes separation.  She saw that she was the wife of a samurai who was a very poor money manager.  There were never enough money.  She was so fed up about this she ended up running away from her samurai husband. Again, money caused separation.

In the last scene, I moved her to the very first time something happened that made her construct the belief that money causes separation and tears were streaming down her face.  “I am at Source!” she said.

“What is happening?” I asked.

“It is the moment I am separating from Source!” She said as she was flooded with a wave of emotion.

“What kind of beliefs did not have as you experience this event?” I asked.

“I feel like I am separating from the true source a abundance!” She said.

“Now that you are in the presence of Source, could we ask Source some questions?”


“Dear Source, what would you like to say to her that will help her understand what is happening?” I asked.

“We want her to know that we were NEVER separated. What she was observing as a moment of separation was only an illusion. We are One.” Source responded through the client.

“Could you give her a feeling in her body to show her that you are there with her?” I asked.

“I feel so warm in my heart.” The client said as she brought her hands to the center of her heart with a big smile beaming on her face.

I think I can safely say that the client now has a firm understanding that she was never separated from the true Source of abundance.

Releasing Blocks to Abundance – A Case of Bankruptcy

bankruptcy pigDoes it feel like you can never get enough money? No matter how hard you try, making money and keeping money seem to be a challenge. Or worse yet, you have been experiencing external circumstances that seem to put you in a state of financial struggle such as a lagging job market or a meltdown in the financial market.

In my work in connecting people with their own inner wisdom, I began to see that some of these patterns in life and limiting beliefs actually originate from situations beyond our current framework of understanding of how convoluted this Universe may be.  To illustrate how we subconsciously create our realities, I would like to share a story of a client who contacted me for intuitive coaching.

“I contacted you because I had recently filed for bankruptcy.” Matthew (not his real name) said. “This was the second time I filed for bankruptcy.”

“How did you get yourself into this predicament in the first place?” I asked.

“In both cases, I overspent and ended up with too much debt.” Matthew said.

During our one hour intuitive coaching session together, Matthew journeyed into his past to find the reasons why he had created this situation. He remembered that not long before our session, he really wanted to go out to eat some fast food but he had just filed for bankruptcy and felt like he could not afford to eat out. Instead, he stayed at home, feeling sad, angry, and frustrated.

Then he went back into his memories to a time when he was 11 years old. He really wanted a video game and when he asked his father to buy him the video game, his father said, “I don’t have enough money to buy you a video game.”

This left him feeling angry and frustrated. Even though his father ended up getting the new video game two weeks later when his salary was paid, Matthew felt angry and frustrated that he could not have the video game when he first asked for it.

Then Matthew went further back to when he was 5 years of age, when he had the impressions that he really wanted a dog. But when he asked his parents for a dog, his parents told him that, “We don’t have enough money to get a dog.” This left the little 5 year old Matthew feeling sad, angry, and frustrated that he could not have a dog.

So far, the reasons behind why he could not have what he wanted was because it seemed like there was not enough money.

I asked Matthew to go back to the first time something significant happened when he felt like he did not have enough money.  He saw a scene in which he was a farmer standing in a field. He realized that the crop yield that year was very poor.  This was when he actually experienced a past life.  That winter, he and his wife went hungry making sure that their children had enough to eat. He felt like there was never enough food to eat.

At the end of the session, I guided him to a state of mind where he could connect with his own inner wisdom and asked what would be the best way for him to deal with this situation. What he got from his inner wisdom was interesting:

“Take a little bit of money from his paycheck and deposit it to the bank and don’t touch it. As long as he has even a little bit of money in the bank, he would not feel like there is a lack of resources. This will prevent him from overspending to feel the false illusion that he has everything he wants and more.”

I think the ultimate goal for us is to become increasingly more conscious. To find the opportunity and tools to uncover the blocks that cause us to create undesirable situations.  There are many layers of blocks that exist in our energy system and I look at it as a step by step process to identifying these blocks and removing them.  Certainly for myself, I have only become happier, more effective, and more abundant as I began to diligently uncover, identify, and remove these blocks so that the energy of abundance can flow through me easily and effortlessly.


I followed up with this client two months later and he has since saved more than $600 dollars in his savings account from being completely bankrupt 2 months earlier. He was happily managing his finances and looking forward to transforming his life.

This is Amazing!