The Consequences of Broken Promises

Listen to Your HeartDear Universe,

May:I feel super cranky right now. Everyone around me pushes the wrong buttons. The people I love are totally annoying me. What should I do?
Universe: Write
M: What should I write about?
U: Too many “should’s” and not enough writing. When we do not do what we say we would do, we become cranky and we take it on others. The other people are paying the price of your broken promises to yourself.
M: Am I different from other people? I guess this is my way of justifying that everyone else has a similar issue, I am not alone in this…:P
U: Speak for yourself only.
M: Ouch, my ego feels hurt.
U: It is you who create the meaning of the message being delivered. If you stop the justification, then you won’t feel as hurt. Take things as it is and not to make too much out of what it means to you.
M: Speaking of broken promises, would it be much better if we make no goals or promises to ourselves and then we won’t be breaking any promises or suffer any consequences of broken promises?
U: You may try to stop making promises in the physical, but there were promises you’ve made to yourself in the non-physical. You cannot ignore those promises.
M: We were not born to have the intel on what we have promised on the soul level are we?
U: Yes you were born with the information intact AND you have access to it.
M: I never hear you singing from heaven telling me what I am supposed to do. Or rather, what I had promised to do.
U: Yes, we sing from heaven into your heart all the time and you just have to listen to your heart.
M: It beats…
U: Do what you feel you must do. Even if it is hard. We sing from heaven in a way of a nudge in your heart. If you pay attention to what is in your heart, you will hear us more clearly.
M: You tell me to write but I don’t feel like it.
U: The real you very much feels like writing…which is why you get cranky when you are not writing. The aspect of you that does not feel like writing wants to keep you safe from others who may attack you for what you write.
M: Will there be people who will?
U: Absolutely!
M: That does not sound fun at all!
U: If you know that for every person who criticizes you, you can transform the lives of a thousand other people, would you rather be criticized once?
M: My ego is screaming that it does not want to be criticized at all.
U: And that stops you from doing what you came here to do. So, what’s more important?
M: Keep my promise and share my insights and stories. Who knows, maybe those who criticize me are cranky because they are resisting their true calling…

What I Learned

I was reminded that everyone comes here for a reason. There is something that each of us need to learn and to contribute in our own way. When we break our own promises to ourselves, we become cranky, anxious, annoyed, depressed, for no good reason. We need to consider both the promises we have made in the physical and non-physical. Even if it seemed like we have no access to our promises to our soul, we do have access to that and the Universe can speak to us through the feelings in our heart — to do what we feel we must do.

Bottom Line: Listen to your heart and do what your heart truly wants to do.


I sat down to write at my computer to fulfill my promise to write one thousand words a day. I added more than 3000 words to my book.

Releasing Blocks to Abundance – A Case of Bankruptcy

bankruptcy pigDoes it feel like you can never get enough money? No matter how hard you try, making money and keeping money seem to be a challenge. Or worse yet, you have been experiencing external circumstances that seem to put you in a state of financial struggle such as a lagging job market or a meltdown in the financial market.

In my work in connecting people with their own inner wisdom, I began to see that some of these patterns in life and limiting beliefs actually originate from situations beyond our current framework of understanding of how convoluted this Universe may be.  To illustrate how we subconsciously create our realities, I would like to share a story of a client who contacted me for intuitive coaching.

“I contacted you because I had recently filed for bankruptcy.” Matthew (not his real name) said. “This was the second time I filed for bankruptcy.”

“How did you get yourself into this predicament in the first place?” I asked.

“In both cases, I overspent and ended up with too much debt.” Matthew said.

During our one hour intuitive coaching session together, Matthew journeyed into his past to find the reasons why he had created this situation. He remembered that not long before our session, he really wanted to go out to eat some fast food but he had just filed for bankruptcy and felt like he could not afford to eat out. Instead, he stayed at home, feeling sad, angry, and frustrated.

Then he went back into his memories to a time when he was 11 years old. He really wanted a video game and when he asked his father to buy him the video game, his father said, “I don’t have enough money to buy you a video game.”

This left him feeling angry and frustrated. Even though his father ended up getting the new video game two weeks later when his salary was paid, Matthew felt angry and frustrated that he could not have the video game when he first asked for it.

Then Matthew went further back to when he was 5 years of age, when he had the impressions that he really wanted a dog. But when he asked his parents for a dog, his parents told him that, “We don’t have enough money to get a dog.” This left the little 5 year old Matthew feeling sad, angry, and frustrated that he could not have a dog.

So far, the reasons behind why he could not have what he wanted was because it seemed like there was not enough money.

I asked Matthew to go back to the first time something significant happened when he felt like he did not have enough money.  He saw a scene in which he was a farmer standing in a field. He realized that the crop yield that year was very poor.  This was when he actually experienced a past life.  That winter, he and his wife went hungry making sure that their children had enough to eat. He felt like there was never enough food to eat.

At the end of the session, I guided him to a state of mind where he could connect with his own inner wisdom and asked what would be the best way for him to deal with this situation. What he got from his inner wisdom was interesting:

“Take a little bit of money from his paycheck and deposit it to the bank and don’t touch it. As long as he has even a little bit of money in the bank, he would not feel like there is a lack of resources. This will prevent him from overspending to feel the false illusion that he has everything he wants and more.”

I think the ultimate goal for us is to become increasingly more conscious. To find the opportunity and tools to uncover the blocks that cause us to create undesirable situations.  There are many layers of blocks that exist in our energy system and I look at it as a step by step process to identifying these blocks and removing them.  Certainly for myself, I have only become happier, more effective, and more abundant as I began to diligently uncover, identify, and remove these blocks so that the energy of abundance can flow through me easily and effortlessly.


I followed up with this client two months later and he has since saved more than $600 dollars in his savings account from being completely bankrupt 2 months earlier. He was happily managing his finances and looking forward to transforming his life.

This is Amazing!

Spirit Guided Life

Spirit Guided Life

What does it mean to live a spirit guided life? How do I walk a spirit guided path? I discovered the answer a few days ago in a very interesting environment.  Let me explain…

My twin sister Angel came to visit me from Taiwan for two weeks.  The last two nights before she left, I decided to take her to the casino for a few rounds of blackjack.  I don’t go to the casino often now that I am a mother of two little boys. The last time I went to the casino was a year ago when I was jet lagged (yeah excuses excuses).

I did find that my trips to the casino were increasingly more interesting year after year as I became more sensitive to the energies around me. The casino can be a place with low energy, mainly because many of the people there were not there for entertainment, but to service their gambling addictions.

The first night I was there, my sister and I collectively lost one hundred dollars. The second night I was there, I decided to do something differently, I decided to do a grounding meditation before I started playing. While I was playing blackjack, I began to ask this question over and over again in my mind:

How can I live a spirit guided life?

For which I got an answer:

You Listen.

It sounded easier said than done. How does one just listen?

I decided to place a bet that was higher than what I would normally bet ($20 instead of $5). The cards that were initially dealt to me was a nine and a two, adding up to eleven, with a dealer having a small card of six. I decided to double down, betting an additional $20 and received a five, not my ideal – which was a ten or face card. As the dealer dealt her own cards, she busted (more than 21) and as she paid out to the people on the table. As she was paying me out with red chips, she made a comment, “Go Big or Go Home!”

For some reason, the words, Go Big or Go Home really rang true with me. For the rest of the night, whenever I heard the words in my mind, “Go Big or Go Home” prior to placing a bet, I almost always win that hand. That night, I started out with $150 and left with $270.

Then I decided that I would frequently ask myself the question:

How can I live a spirit guided life?

After coming home from the casino, I was laying in bed and feeling some kind of stuffy feeling in my heart. A friend came over earlier in the day and we went shopping with my four year old son Cedric in tow. My friend and I met at a personal development course.  When we first met, I was dealing with issues of low self worth and having little interest in hanging out with my kids. Two years later, I was hanging out with Cedric and having a marvelous time pushing him around in the shopping buggy.

I wondered to myself, why would I have this stuffy feeling in my heart when I had won money and hung out with Cedric?

I decided to ask the question:

Dear Spirit: What messages do you have for me?

Right away I saw Cedric’s face and felt a sense of Love followed by a sense of Guilt.

May (M): Spirit, why do I feel guilty?

Then I got the following words–

Spirit (S): You feel guilty loving your kids and spending quality time with them because you feel like you are betraying that inner child part of you that did not receive love and attention from your mother.

M: Spirit, what other guilt do I feel?

S: You feel guilty having close friends because your father maintains really close friendships with his friends and your mother really resented that and told you that your dad treated his friends as more important than his family.  You also feel guilty having a great relationship with your husband because your parents never had that kind of love and harmony in their relationship.

I shared this with my husband with tears in my eyes.  During my short dialogue with Spirit, I was breaking through some of my deepest subconscious beliefs about love.  How could I truly love if I felt such guilt around loving my children, my husband, and my friends?

So with that, I end this post with a single question:

May: Spirit, what messages do you have for me and my readers today?

Spirit: Love is the natural flow of the Universe. Some may think they can stop love. But to do so is to stop the flow of all energy in the Universe.  This includes the energy of health, the energy of abundance, and the flow of harmony.  We leave you with the a little jingle to the song Let It Go from the Disney movie Frozen:

Let it Flow, Let it Flow
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it Flow, Let it Flow
Say goodbye to fear and pain

I don’t care

What the ego may say
Let the love flow through
The ego never bothered me anyway!


Frequent Urination Cured!

Recently it came to my attention that I had a health problem. I had to go to the bathroom often and this had affected my ability to sleep through the night.  I worked with my Higher Self to see if there was a reason why I was having this problem. My HS said the reason for my frequent urination was the fact that there is too much energy that needed to run through me and I am not allowing the energy to flow through my body to the ground.  Some accompanying symptoms of not “grounding” is frequent urination because going to the bathroom is a way of allowing the energy to leave the body and into the ground.  I was also experiencing frequent headaches and this was also due to the fact that too much energy was “stuck” in my body.

For those of you who are suffering similar symptoms as I was, I need to elaborate more on the concept of grounding your energy.  Our bodies are made of energy.  Every part of our body can be broken down into the smallest energy particles of protons and neutrons.  At any given moment, energy is running through the body and this energy can either circulate or leave the “system”.  Energy also comes from above (sky) and below (earth).  Have you ever noticed that on a warm sunny day (when it is not too hot of course), it feels nice to be outside?  Maybe it also feels nice to walk around in nature as you feel your feet on the ground?  In general, energy comes from above and circulates through our bodies before leaving through the ground, this process is called “grounding”.  Some individuals also get energy from the ground and the energy rises to the top and exits there.

In any case, energy is meant to flow, it is not meant to be stagnant.  As living beings we move the energy with breath and intention.  Most of the time, the energy is not flowing well through us.  Let me give you an example, pause immediately and notice your breath, you might be either breathing through your chest with shallow breaths or worse yet, you are holding your breath.  Even while writing the last sentence, I had to remind myself to take a deep breath.  I was barely breathing.  Most people don’t really breathe, they take in just enough air to survive but nothing more.  This causes a build up of “energy” in the body over time.  This can manifest in the form of stress or anxiety.  The headaches and the bladder issues are just some of the many manifestations of “stuck” energy.

When I connected with my Higher Self I could feel the Universal Consciousness moving through my body.  I was breathing really heavily trying to move as much “breath” as I could through my body.  After this experience, I didn’t feel like going to the bathroom even though I had been under for two hours.  I also felt this tingling on the top and back of my head as energy continued to enter my body.

The next day, after I took a shower, I saw a glimpse of my back in the mirror and froze in shock.  I saw that there was two red spots on my mid-back about the size of my fist, where I used to have pain while sitting.  I also saw the the back of both my legs and buttocks were purple red in colour.  I was sure I didn’t purposely run water down my legs, after all, the water from the shower usually lands on my shoulders and hair.  I also noticed that a painful spot on my upper hip had disappeared as well.

On another interesting note, another friend had a similar problem (frequent urination) also has a lot of energy running through him and he was just going to the bathroom constantly (I am not the only one).  I thought him a grounding exercise by asking him to visualize his breath and sending the breath around his body and into the ground, almost like flushing things down the toilet.  He told me he felt much better after this exercise and I sure hope he continues with this exercise for the sake of the convenience of not having to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes :P.

I am sure not all cases of frequent urination is caused by stagnant energy flow in the body, but in this case, after I began to apply my homework of grounding my energy everyday, I didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom anymore…YAY!

The next time you notice yourself barely breathing or you are suffering from a headache or  going to the bathroom too much, sit down in a relaxing position, take deep breaths into your belly and imagining your “breath” coming into your nose, up to your head, then breathe out and imagine the same breath down your back, your legs and into the ground like flushing the toilet! Repeat as many times as necessary…


He who kept him alive

Two days ago I worked with a 50 year old male client.  Aside from a being slightly chubby (not to the point of being overweight), he looked relatively healthy.  During the pre-session interview, Bill (not his real name) mentioned that he had a slew of health problems including, high blood pressure, high blood sugar (not quite diabetes), high cholesterol, and increased visceral fat around his internal organs.

When I communicated with Bill’s Higher Self, I started asking his Higher Self what his purpose was for coming here.  The Higher Self was a bit miffed at Bill, below was a transcript of the discussion:

Bill’s Higher Self (HS): We kept talking to him but he doesn’t listen to us, he chooses not to listen to us.”

May: Why do you think he doesn’t want to listen to you?

Bill’s HS: He is afraid that it is the ego talking and not his Higher Self.

May: How can he know if it is you talking or his Ego talking?

Bill’s HS:  This is hard to distinguish, but Bill is starting to distinguish the difference.  Despite knowing the difference, he is still choosing not to listen!

May: So, he is worried about his finances and making money…

Bill’s HS: If he only listens, and stop being greedy, he would have lots of money.  We can tell him what to do to make money.  He will have many many different ways to make money!

May: What about his health problems?

Bill’s HS: You think those are problems?  He is doing very well already considering all the CRAP he is eating.  If it was not for us (Bill’s Higher Self), he would be dead already.  If he starts to eat better, all his health issues will be resolved.

May: Do you have any suggestions on how he can do that?

Bill’s HS:  He met you (May) now didn’t he? He will improve his diet because of you…

As you can see, despite the fact that most people eat a lot of crap, they are still alive because their Higher Self keeps them alive.  Most of the time, our physical problems are just a way for our Subconscious to communicate with us.  Sometimes, some people go so far off course that the Subconscious might give up and say “this person has gone so far off course it is time to bring him back and deliberate over how he can complete his lessons the next time around.”

I guess the next time I would like to enjoy a treat (deep fried mushrooms are my favourite), I should thank my Subconscious for keeping me alive :P.