Sound Healing with the Higher Self

I had an amazing weekend of doing sessions to help people connect to their own inner wisdom and higher self. In one of the sessions I facilitated, the client connect to her own powerful higher self and even offered me a healing! The client’s higher self was able identify the area of my body that was out of alignment and offered me a sound healing experience where I was asked to produce the sounds for my own healing. One of the most unique experiences I have had so far. This experience can only be shared through a video. Check it out!

Healed by My Client

Mary was a woman in her 60s who was referred to me by a family member who tried a spiritual regression session before and had gotten a lot of healing from a session. She was initially skeptical of a session because she had a long standing chronic back problem and a history of anxiety and depression.

She had initially booked a session with me with the encouragement of her family member but tried to canceled the session because she didn’t believe it could work for her. Finally she agreed to have a session with me anyways to appease those who loved her dearly. We spoke for a long time before the session even started. I sat there patiently as a listened, but I was starting to notice that my back was quite uncomfortable as I had been dealing with some back pain of my own.

During the session, Mary had a hard time seeing anything. Everything was gloomy and dark in the scenes that she was watching. I could tell that she was able to access her soul’s memories because she did see several different past life scenes, but each time, the scenes disappeared and she kept telling me that she couldn’t see anything anymore.

Then, I heard someone speak in my right ear so loud and clear in a female voice saying “USE THE LIGHT!”
So I followed my intuition and guided her to see the most significant scene in her soul’s memory and she went to a scene where she was at her husband’s bedside while he was dying from cancer years ago.

“What are you doing?” I asked.
“I am holding his hand.” Mary said, tears were streaming down her face.
“If you could say something to him, what would you say?” I asked her.
“I told him that I love him very much. If he wants to go and leave this world to a better place, I want him to go.” She sniffled and continued to wipe tears away from her face.

As Mary was re-living this painful event in her life, I heard the voice in my right ear again, Use the Light! So I said, “I want you to imagine that his body is lit up with Light….can you see that?”
“Yes, I can.” Mary said.
“If this Light has a color, what color would it be?” I asked.
“It is a golden colored light.” Mary said.
“This is the Light of your husband’s essence,” I said, “He can now speak to you. What is he saying back to you?”
“He said he loves me, and that he is ok.” Mary cried, “But I miss him so much.”
“Now, imagine that your body is also lit up with Light.” I said. “Can you see that?”
“Yes.” Mary said.
“If your Light has a color, what color would it be?” I asked.
“Also a golden colored light.” Mary said.
“Now, imagine as if you have no body at all, just a golden light like your husband…Now, let your husband take you to where he is going, let him take you to where he is going…where is he going? What do you see?”
“He took me to a place that is so bright, beautiful, and spacious.” Mary seemed to be in a sense of awe. “This is the place of Buddha.”
Mary is a very devout Buddhist and I know that this must be a place like heaven.

“Can we ask Buddha some questions?” I asked.
“Yes!” Buddha answered.
“Can Mary be healed of her health issues?” I asked.
“I don’t think I have enough faith.” Mary interrupted.
“No matter how you may lack enough faith, Buddha is all loving and forgiving, ready to help you at any time, in any way possible, would it be ok for us to keep talking to Buddha anyways?” I asked.
“Ok.” Mary answered.

“Dear Buddha, would like to request healing for Mary’s body, can you help her?” I asked.
“Yes,” Buddha answered, “She will notice that she will be pain free, sleep better, have more confidence and truly enjoy her life.”

After the session ended, Mary got up and said, “I didn’t notice a difference at all. I am not sure this worked. Maybe this just doesn’t work for me.”
While I know this process doesn’t always work for everyone, I was saddened that Mary didn’t get the result she was looking for despite having such a great experience and having the opportunity to be taken to such a beautiful place by her husband in the spirit realm.

When I sat down at my desk later that night to process the session recording, I had the sudden realization that my back was no longer sore! It felt so comfortable I found it hard to get used to feeling so good!

As I drifted off to sleep that night, I heard a soothing voice say, “You did the best that you could. We gave you healing in your back so that you know that healing was always available.”

Then I realized, healing is always available, but we also have the free will to accept or reject the healing that is available. It is hard to imagine why anyone would consciously reject healing. As I thought back to my conversation with Mary, I realized she had said to me, “I don’t have a lot of confidence, I am not sure I can really have what I want to have. Other people seem to be luckier than I am, and I just have to accept whatever happens. My children doesn’t have any confidence problems, they go after whatever they want. But my generation was brought up differently, we can’t always ask for or get what we want…”

This makes me wonder, how can I help people to feel deserving enough to receive everything they want? If I could solve this problem, more people will be able to heal themselves when they connect to their own inner wisdom and infinite power.

Thoughts on Abortion from a Seven Year Old Boy

small baby in utero“Mommy, tell me something that is happening on the news.” Dante asked as I browsed the news feed on my smart phone.
“The news are not always good.” I said, trying to avoid talking about the news.
“Tell me something bad that is happening in the world!” Dante insisted as he pointed to one news article, “How about this one?”
He clicked on a news article that said, Abortion demand ‘soars’ over Zika.

Oh boy…here we go.

I explained to him that there was a sickness that is transmitted when people are bitten by a certain kind of mosquitoes. While most adults might feel like they got a cold, but mothers who are pregnant with babies might grow babies with very small heads. Babies with small heads often lead a miserable life and die very young. So many mothers want to ‘let the baby go’ while the baby is still small in the mother’s belly.
“How do you get rid of a baby from the mother’s belly?” Dante asked.
“Er…” Finding the right words to explain this to a seven year old I said, “They stick a tube up to the place where the baby is growing and suck it out.
“What!?” He turned around and faced me with a wide-eyed look, “How can they just do that?”
“Well, the mothers feel that if the babies are going to be born with small heads and live miserably, they might as well stop the pregnancy. The problem is, this is illegal is many countries.” I said.
“Why is it illegal?” Dante asked.
“Well, some people feel that even if the baby was still tiny, like the size of a pea, they will grow into a baby in a few months. So they might feel that if killing a full sized baby is illegal, then killing the baby the size of a pea should be illegal too.” I explained.
“Wow…” Dante muttered.
Curious about what his thoughts were about this heavy subject I asked, “What do you think Dante? If you were these mothers, who might have these very sick babies, would you consider having an abortion?”
As I waited for his answer, I saw his eyes welled up with tears as he responded with one simple question, “Will the baby feel hurt inside the mother’s belly?”
“I don’t know Dante…I don’t know…” I said.

Dante’s brother Cedric came over to play and that was the end of this conversation. I was very touched by Dante’s consideration for how the an unborn baby would feel even if the baby was the size of a pea.

A Pro at Manifesting Abundance

Another funny bedtime conversation with the kids…

Cedric: Mommy and Daddy are going to have to move out of the house one day.
Dante: No! Why? (Dante loves this house)
Cedric: Because we are going to grow up and leave the house and they might have to move somewhere else!
Dante: I tell you what Mommy, I’ll buy you and Daddy a house to live in.
May: GREAT! (I like where this conversation is going.)
Dante: Or better yet (sneaky look on his face), I’ll just send the bill to CEDRIC! Muahhahaha…
Cedric: That’s ok. I want to be RICH one day. Wait, correction, I am GOING to be RICH when I grow up.
May: Wow, Cedric, this is awesome, you seem 100% sure that you are going to be rich!
Cedric: And I am going to have infinite dollars!
May: Er…
Dante: What JOB are you going to do to get you all that money?
Cedric: I don’t need a job, I will just find thousands of dollars on the floor.
May: I love how confident you are Cedric.

I guess that was a reminder that I was talking to a seven year old boy who is just getting familiarized with all his numbers.  Recently he was just walking around and he picked up $200 from the floor near some vending machines. While I turned the cash into police in case someone else was looking for it, I was quite amazed how he was able to find the money where others might have overlooked the cash. Now he is a firm believer that money simply shows up easily for him. It seemed like he was well on his way to mastering the art of manifesting abundance in his life. I definitely didn’t tell him he has to go to school, get good grades so that he can get a good job. At the age of seven, he has got it all figured out.

While some parents reading this might feel like I may be misleading my kids into believing that money actually grows on trees, I sincerely believe that too many people are taught early on that having money requires hard work. If what we believe shall manifest into our physical reality, then I would rather that my sons believe with certainty that they are and will be abundant and that abundance can come to them easily and effortlessly.

Children and Imaginary Friends

Boy and Cat in Moonlight“Do you have an imaginary friend?” Dante (8 years old) asked.
“When I was a little girl, I saw a lot of monkeys once when I was very sick.” I replied, “Do you have an imaginary friend?”
“Yes I do! His name is Alfred!” Dante said an absolute sense of certainty.
“Oh! What does he look like?” I was VERY curious.
“He has a head like a chicken, body like an elephant, and tail like a dragon!” He said with a wide smile.
“This certainly sound like a very interesting creature…” No doubt about that!

“I have an imaginary friend too!” Cedric spoke from the back seat on the other side of the car.
“Oh! Does your friend have a name?” I asked.
“Yes! His name is Ghosty! Although I am not sure if he is actually a boy or a girl. I don’t think he is boy or a girl but I just call him a “him”
“So when do you get to do talk to Ghosty?” I asked.
“He shows up in my pillow when I sleep at night” Cedric said.
“Are you scared of Ghosty at all?” I asked.
“When I first saw Ghosty I was scared, but you said I could talk to him so I said Hi and found that he was not scary at all.”
“When was the last time you saw Ghosty?”
“I haven’t seen him in a while.”
“So do you know how to reach him if you want to talk to them?” I asked.
“It’s easy!” Dante interrupted, “Just think about them and they will appear!”
“That does sound pretty easy to me. Your imaginary friends probably know a lot of things, maybe next time you can try asking them some questions!” I suggested.

After this conversation, they were distracted by an emergency vehicle zooming by the car and the conversation went on a tangent elsewhere, but I can’t help to marvel at how simple it is for children to be connected to the world that cannot be seen by the naked eye. My conversation with my parents about imaginary friends didn’t go well because I was simply told there was no such thing and that I was “making things up”.

While it could be entirely possible for kids to make things up, I now see the importance of allowing children to make things up and allow them to play with their imagination. After all, most of the things we use today in or daily lives were “made up” at one point or another. The keyboard I am using now to write this article was made up some time in the not so distant past as well as the computer screen I am looking at and the wireless internet that works magically without me seeing actual wires or electrical impulses flying through the air. Just because something cannot be seen by others doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Imaginary Friends

  1. Ask them about their imaginary friends. Be interested in their imaginary friend, ask them how they first met, what their imaginary friends look like, what they do together, when they hang out etc.
  2. Find out if their imaginary friend(s) have positive interactions together.
  3. Include imaginary friends in play time and ask your child to share their conversations with you.

How to Deal with Scary Imaginary Figures

When I was a little girl, I had a very high fever once and I saw all these monkeys chasing after me. I remember crawling up my father’s lap screaming that the monkey’s were going to bite my butt.  My dad dismissed my reactions, saying that my reactions were non-sense and there were no monkeys that he could see. Now that I have learned more about the realm of the unseen, I wished he could have done things differently. If your child has a scary encounter with friends / entities she can see but you cannot see, do not dismiss her. Reassure her that you are there protecting her and if your child is able to communicate using language, ask your child to face the scary imaginary figure and ask them to stop whatever it is they are doing. In my case as a little girl, I saw monkeys were chasing me. Then ask your child to pretend that the imaginary figure can talk or communicate in ways she can understand. Have a conversation with the imaginary friend / friends. If the imaginary figures are not friendly, ask your child to tell them to leave with you holding your child and providing security.

In Cedric’s case, he began seeing Ghosty when he was about 3 years old. He would wake up in the middle of the night saying that he was scared of a ghost that was in his pillow. I told him that ghosts may or may not be scary. I asked him to try talking to Ghosty and see if he was really scary. Over time, Cedric befriended Ghosty and they spend many hours in dreamland together.

Fostering Imagination in Children

Children are born with the ability to see, hear, and sense things adults may not be able to do. I remember I saw the monkeys so clearly but with my parents gradual dismissal I have almost lost my ability to see beyond the physical. I don’t have the same kind of vivid visual imagination I used to have as a child. I am pretty sure if this ability was fostered as a child, I could probably put this ability to good use, like seeing if something is wrong with another persons body / energy.  Now if I want the same skills I was naturally born with, I would have to relearn them. Which is a bit of a shame.

My kids may not fully understand the importance of retaining the ability to call upon their imaginary friends today, but one day, maybe they will find that Alfred and Ghosty may have many wisdom to share as they go about their lives.

A Six Year Old’s View on God

Bright Light OnenessThis is an inspirational story about a conversation I had with my six year old about God.
Yesterday I was putting the kids to bed when we were talking about managing our energy. I was teaching them about how kids can be very hyper if they don’t learn how to manage their energy.
All of a sudden Cedric blurted out, “I know what God is!”
“Oh really?” I said.
“Yeah! God is a big massive ball of energy!” Cedric said as he raised both of his arms to make a huge circular gesture.
“What makes you think that?” Feeling rather amused. I don’t think we talked about this before.
“I don’t know, I’m going to start imagining energy moving through my body now.” He said as he pulled up his blanket and got ready for dreamland.