Meeting the Birth Mother

I had a chance to sit down with Business and Marketing Consultant Aaron Cruikshank to talk about something dear to his heart. Aaron was adopted as a little baby. When he in his mid-30s, he began a quest to find his birth mother. This inspirational story allowed me to understand the internal turmoils that many adoptees have knowing that someone had given them up for adoption. In this inspirational video interview, Aaron spoke about the first time he met his birth mother and theĀ one thingĀ he wanted his birth mother to know. This was a emotional interview that brought both Aaron and I to tears:

I don’t have strong opinions about abortions but this interview made me think about all the amazing women out there who chose to bring life into the world even if they could not care for the baby and have the courage of giving their own babies up for adoption — giving people a chance to have a great life, to be useful to society, and to become amazing parents themselves. At the time of this writing, Aaron’s birth mom and parents are about to meet for the first time. This was a very beautiful story that came full circle in the end.

Consequences of Trying to Spoil My Kids

You Can’t Always Give Kids Everything They Want:
My parenting adventure continues with this funny story about my parenting insights.

Cedric really wanted to go on a real train ride for a very long time. He bugs me about it from time to time. In order to do this for him, I need to take him on a 45 minutes Skytrain ride downtown during rush hour, then I need to hop on the Westcoast Express, then I needed to get my husband Dobes to come drive us home from the train station which is 25 minutes from our house during rush hour, all for a 20 min train ride. Watch this video and see what happened to our little adventure and what I learned from this:

The Difficulty of Being Myself

I have been receiving guidance from my inner wisdom that I can benefit people by showing them who I truly am. However, I find it hard to be myself and show people who I truly am. This is especially so in public.
So to get over my fears, I decided to film a video of myself in public at a park! My hair was a mess, my cheeks look chubby (or they are actually chubby). I could think about all these different ways of judging myself.

This inspirational story had a very funny and surprising twist to it at the end. Nature really brings us a lot of “lessons”.

A Possible Cause of Childhood Obesity

Have you ever heard of this issue called Obesity? This is an issue that is plaguing the medical system today and I have always been puzzled at why there are suddenly so many cases of childhood obesity. Perhaps we can blame it on the food, or the lack of exercise, or even the iPads. What I am most interested in is the underlying subconscious processes that runs in the background. In a Intuitive Coaching session, a client found out the reasons why she developed childhood obesity.

Friends for a Reason?

Have you ever wondered why certain people are in your life? Whether they are someone you love or someone who is causing a ruckus, there may be more to this than you think!