Green Tea and Peanut Ice Cream

Today our nanny asked my husband and I to go out to eat lunch so she would have time to clean the house instead of cooking while my baby is asleep.  My husband and I love to go a Chinese Hot Pot restaurant nearby that serves great Hot Pot with soft serve ice cream as dessert at the end of every meal.  My husband’s favourite flavour is Peanut.  One time he craved the peanut ice cream so much we went out to have Hot Pot but they didn’t have room for us in the restaurant.

While I was parking my car near the Hot Pot restaurant I jokingly said to my husband, “I wonder what is for dessert today, I kind of feel like a green tea ice cream…”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if they also have the peanut ice cream?” he said with a playful smile.

“Well, why don’t we intend for it?  The intention is to have a great meal and finish with a green tea ice cream and a peanut ice cream!” I declared.

Off we went with our meal and while I was ordering, I asked the server, “what’s the ice cream flavour for today?”

“Oh, we have an excellent blend of green tea ice cream today.  I really like this flavour.” the server said, “I’m not sure what is the other flavour but I will check later.”  She took our order and went off to help other customers.

We had a great meal as I shared with my husband what I had done so far today.  As we were finishing our meal I called the server over to ask about the other ice cream flavour.

“Oh, we also have peanut today!” She said as we watch the kitchen staff pour the peanut mix into the soft serve ice cream machine…

At dinner time my husband suddenly blurted out, “I really had a nice time with you at lunch today.”

“Oh really?” I said, “what was so nice about our lunch today?” I asked (I must be having many coaching sessions since I am asking these questions).

“Hmmmm, you got me there…” he ponders, “I think it was the peanut ice cream.” he response with a guilty smile.

Man, I almost believed that he had a lot of fun with ME!~

“Ok wait,” feeling like he should explain himself he said, “it was felt great to have received exactly what we had intended for.”

Well, since he put it that way, I couldn’t feel sorry for myself for not being the reason why he had a wonderful lunch.  After all, this was a moment we shared together.

Unintentional Existence

Sometimes life is so good, I don’t even know how good it is until a contrast occurs…

I have been extremely productive over the last few weeks.  I attribute that to the discipline of setting weekly intentions.  The following is a sample of my weekly intentions that I got from attending a trial of the Procoach Success Systems by master certified coach Andrew Barber-Starkey:


If any of you would like this in an excel file, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The original weekly intentions consisted of only “what will I do” but I have also incorporated some of the things I have learned from reading the book, Ask and It is Given by Ester Hicks and included a section called “Requests for the Universe”.  Filling out this form on a weekly basis has jump started my own  productivity drastically in the last month or so.   Interestingly, I have found that while I still have issues about setting realistic goals for myself under the “What I will do” section, the “Requests for the Universe” section has always been fulfilled for me.

Unintentional Existence

I only realized how effective weekly planning has been for me when I started to slack off from my habit of setting weekly intentions towards achieving what I want to do.  Approximately two weeks ago, I got lazy one weekend and decided not to fill out my weekly intentions form and went on with my life.  The following week was still quite busy with many activities that had trickled over from the previous weeks, but by this week, I found myself to have nothing to do and feeling incredibly unmotivated to do anything.  The truth is, there is still a lot to be done, but by the mere act of not intending to “do” the things needed to be done, nothing gets done.  So far this week, I have gotten nothing done besides hanging out with my friends.

I am beginning to realize that most of the population probably go about their daily lives without any specific plans or intentions — leading to people to react to situations they come across.  I hypothesize that many people actually live through their lives by reacting rather than intending.  I guess if I never knew what it was like to live life with intention, I probably wouldn’t know what it truly feels like to go through my life without actively intending my desires.  This is a concept called “contrast”.  People experience contrast when they come across something, someone, and/or a situation they do not want.  The simple awareness of recognizing what they do not want can point them into the right direction of what they want.  The problem is that some people get fixated on what they do not want instead of thinking of the kind of experiences they would rather attract into their lives.

At the present moment, I am acutely aware that I don’t like having an unintentional existence.  This is a contrast that is helping me to point myself back into the direction of seeking an intentional existence.  My goal is to make up a weekly intention for the rest of the week starting tomorrow (it is almost time for bed) and jump start my life back in the direction of having an intentional existence.

Inspired by Visitors

It has been three months since I started my blog and the journey has been absolutely amazing.  Although I have not had the chance to post consistently on a weekly basis, I am proud to say that I have met some friends — readers who found my blog and sent me comments and emails and shared their dreams and stories with me.

Last night I received a question from a reader asking:

I set the intention to be in a stable home before summer. At present it seems impossible but I have witnessed many miracles in my life and I’m not going to put this one as impossible. My question is: If for some reason it doesn’t happen, could it be something that I did wrong?

Here is my response:

I sincerely believe we are the creators of our own reality and that when we dream, we really want to dream big.  I have heard people say that if your dream was able to be fulfilled by something you can do, your dream probably isn’t big enough.

I would like to offer some of my opinions to your question (the key word here is ‘opinions’).

It has recently come to my attention with the wonderful teachers I have attracted into my life regarding the importance of “receiving”.  It is like the last frontier in the journey of manifesting our realities and I am going to a seminar next Saturday to learn about how I can fully receive my desires.

There are certain important elements to think of:

1.  Do you truly believe your desires can manifest?

This is an important one because it is not something we can be consciously aware of.  We are brought up with a lot of “limiting beliefs” of what is actually possible.  These limiting beliefs are hidden in our subconscious and can remain hidden unless something is actively done to uncover and eliminate these limiting beliefs.

To give you an example of a limiting belief:
“I believe the man I am with is more important than I am and his needs comes before my own”

When I used to think this way, I would be the best girlfriend to my ex-boyfriends but none of them really respected me in the way I desire to be respected.  Only after I discovered that I did not respect my own needs was I able to attract a man who truly respects my needs.  This is an on-going struggle of mine.

In the case of your desire for your dream home, there are several questions you can consider asking yourself:

– do I really believe I can be living in my dream home?
– do I have some inherent fear at the back of my mind that I might not be able to manifest my dream home?
– what are some of the things I have heard other people say that may influence my faith in manifesting my dream home?

2.  Do you think you are truly deserving of your dream home?

This is a very important idea to consider.  As women, we are often brought up to put other peoples’ needs ahead of our own and we may go through our entire lives giving instead of receiving.  Even when things are given to us, we may actually feel bad about it instead of feeling grateful.  I have a difficult time with this one myself.  It took me a long time to feel like I deserve something because on the subconscious level, I was afraid of wanting something and fearing that what I want might not come true simply because I didn’t believe I deserved something.

To answer your question about the cause of an intention not manifesting the way you want it to manifest, I also have some ‘opinions’ to offer:

As hard as this may seem, there is no right and wrong in the universe.  Judgement is not the true essence of God.  I personally believe in reincarnation and that the physical body is only a temporary shelter of our spirit.  Whatever we choose to do becomes a lesson learned by our spirit.  In the world of spirits, lessons learned are more important than what is right or wrong.  Feeling guilty or fearing that you might do something wrong only creates a hidden level of resistance to aligning your desires with their physical manifestation.

One funny thing I realized is that I am not always given what I thought I have asked for.  For example,  In 2006, I had set an intention that I would like to make $100,000/year by the end of 2007.  The end of 2007 came around and my tax form clearly spelled out that I had only earned $40,000.  However, it came to my realization that I had gotten married that year and my combined income with my husband amount to approximately $100,000!!  So, I didn’t actually make $100,000 by myself, but I now have $100,000 in combined income with my husband in the year 2007.  The universe really have very funny ways of giving me what I wanted in the least expected ways.

Also, when I wasn’t given something that I thought I want, something better or more appropriate usually comes along some how.  The universe seem to have some level of wisdom I do not have to figure out how things can be best manifested for me.  Sometimes we will never find out why certain things are not manifested and sometimes we can only discover the universe’s true wisdom in hinsight.

In conclusion, you can NEVER do anything wrong.  What you CAN do is to spend some time examining your limiting beliefs and fears (and it is not wrong to have them either, you are simply programmed with them as you were growing up).  If something doesn’t happen to you exactly the way you want it, have faith that the best solutions will present itself to you.  Having the faith that you deserve anything you desire is one thing you can do to put yourself in alignment with what you want.

Lastly, a bit of homework if you are up to it.  Make a visioning board of your dream home, or a big list of what you want in your dream home.  Take 5~15 minutes before you go to sleep and the moment you wake up to visualize what it might look like and visualize yourself ‘living’ in it 🙂  This is a difficult exercise, I must be honest that I have yet to reach the level of discipline to do such daily visualization exercises.  I know if I did, all my intentions will manifest so quickly I probably wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

I really enjoyed writing to you.  You give me so much inspiration to write.  I have never thought of myself as much of a writer since English is my second language but man, you got me all fired up!!

Manifesting Money

At the beginning of March I made an intention that I wanted to attract $5000 into my life.  I didn’t know how this was going to happen.  My husband wasn’t doing a lot of work that gets him paid and when he does, his contracting company takes forever to pay him.  While I am a nurse, I dislike working so much that I haven’t really gone in to work.  In fact, I am seriously thinking about quitting nursing because I truly believe it is draining a lot of my energy from doing the things I really want to do.

Every week on Sunday, I sit down to plan my week on a excel form I called my “weekly intentions” where I state the things I will complete for the upcoming week towards accomplishing my goal and I also include a section where I write down all the things I request from the universe.  I remember writing down on my weekly intentions that I really wanted to attract $5000 into my life.  On the very same week, I found out I was pregnant and called my dad in Taiwan telling him he is having another grandchild on the way.  He was so happy that he immediately wired $2500 into my bank account.  The next day after that, my husband got a $2900 cheque in the mail.  The total amount of money that arrived that week amounted to $5400!!  I was ecstatic!

I thought I really should be taking setting intentions more seriously.  I have been reading a book by Napoleon Hill called “Think and Grow Rich” and recognizing that one must truly believe that they are already rich before they can actually manifest that into physical reality.  Due to my financial situation of not having enough positive cash-flow into the house, I spent a lot of time thinking about going in debt and having negative cash-flow.  Then, I went to a real estate investment seminar a woman who became a real estate multi-millionaire within 2 years and taught many others to do the same.  During that seminar, I had a sudden realization…


That’s right, I am really richer than I thought, I have a positive networth of $114,000 that I can draw from starting today to focus on a business my husband and I are building.  I realize that our thoughts are funny things, while my financial situation has not changed at all, I am suddenly feeling so much richer than I was a few weeks ago.  I know this will do wonders for my financial future because at this very moment, I feel so abundant, I cannot even believe I didn’t have enough money. 

I have decided that I am going to shamelessly ask for what I want and get ready to receive manifested intentions joyfully.  Here are some of my intentions:

I intend to:

  • be deeply in love with my husband Dobes

  • live in harmony with my husband and children

  • have beautiful, conscious children

  • attract $10,000,000 in positive networth by December 2011

  • live in a penthouse suite with 4 bedrooms and beautiful mountain views

  • be an inspirational speaker / author to inspire people to recognize their limited beliefs and create the lives they want

  • speak to children about the power of positive intentions and giving them the tools to transform themselves and the world.

  • create scholarship funds and make donations to allow children to participate in extracurricular activities such as music and sports (I personally was a recipient of these funds and the traveling I got to do really left lasting memories in my mind).

Recently, a person who read my blog shared with me that he would really like to manifest a BMW.  Ever since he shared his dream with me, every time I see a BMW, I think of this guy who really wants to have a BMW.  I am sure if enough people thought of him every time they see a BMW, he could manifest a BMW much sooner! 

For those who are reading my blog, what are some of your intentions?  Please take a moment to leave a comment and share your intentions to the universe so that we can send our positive energies your way.

Another One Thousand Dollars

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One Thousand Dollars

Recently I have been feeling a bit tight on money since some of the contracting work my husband had done have not been paid out yet.  While I knew the money was going to come, it is hard to focus on positive emotions when I began to see our bank account balance dwindle and the line of credit account showing a balance.  But I have been extremely careful not to dwell on how my bank account balance is looking.  There seemed to be an inner voice telling me that everything is going to be ok and I should trust that I am already abundant. 

I began thinking about manifesting abundance and how important it is to always set my intentions and living my life actively instead of passively by consistently asking the universe of what I want. 

Yesterday my father came on msn from Taiwan and said to me, “May, it is Chinese New Year in two weeks and I have wired $1000 into your bank account as your *red pocket money.”

I could not believe it!  I got $1000 earlier this month for my birthday and now I am getting another $1000 for my Chinese New Year red pocket money! I am so blessed!  THANK YOU DAD!  THANK YOU UNIVERSE!  My husband was overjoyed too, he could hardly believe my good luck. 

Creating my life is so much fun, I can’t wait to think of what I would intend to manifest next!

*red pocket money is an ancient Chinese custom where money is given in a red envelope for good luck from parents to children or from married children to elderly parents.  Red pocket money can also be given between extended family members.  Red pocket money is sometimes used for business transactions as gifts or bribes.

My Core Values

At the end of 2007, my search for my higher purpose in life begin to intensify as I was in a great state of spiritual unrest.  I felt a sense of impatience — like I needed to walk a different path than the path I was walking.  I needed to gain a deeper understanding of myself as a spiritual being.  I began my search by meditating and attempting to meet my higher self.  I also conceived of the idea of hiring a life coach to assist me.  I wasn’t really sure what it was like to work with a life coach, but I was desperate for answers and so I decided to hire Master Coach Steve Mitten to see if working with him can point me to a fulfilling career path.

My first coaching session with Steve was on January 3rd  (coincidentally, this blog was initiated on January 4th).  I wasn’t sure what kind of value I would get out of this coaching session but I was eager to get started.  I told Steve I wanted to gain some knowledge about how I can help my husband with his business.  Steve, however, did not feel that was the best place to begin our work together.  Steve wanted to start with the basics — my core values.

I had a difficult time with understanding the meaning of core values.  So far, I believe core values are aspects of life in which I feel are important and fulfilling.  My core values are things that motivates me and makes me whole.  These core values will contribute to setting the foundation for a fulfilling career and life.

Steve asked me to describe to him 2 major events in life that I could remember.  I went in chronological order beginning with the story of how I started my first business at the age of 9, and finished with a story of how I helped a patient to gain joy and perspective during her dying process.  After listening to my story, Steve demonstrated his ability as a master certified coach and was able to immediately give me a list of personal values I have shown in my stories.  He said I may have some core values surrounding the following themes:  spirituality, learning and growing, having meaningful connections with people, having great relationships, being authentic, and understanding the deeper currents of life.

I was given some homework to do before my next coaching session on January 18th.  My homework was to come up with a list of 6 to 12 core values and rank them in order of importance.

Here are my core values in order of importance:

Seeking knowledge and Meaningful Experiences
I believe each one of us is here to learn and grow.  That’s is the purpose of why all of us are here.  Otherwise, we should have just stayed in the ether where life is perfect.  I am here to experience the extent of our infinite potential and to experience the manifestation of that infinite potential in this physical body.  One of the most important missions of why I am here is to have many deep, meaningful experiences.  This is definitely on the top of my list of learning experiences I want to take with me back to the ether when this physical body ceases to exist.

Developing Spiritual Awareness — To Be Conscious
I would like to manifest the knowledge and wisdom I already have in this physical body in this life time.  It is my desire to regain the inner knowingness of universal wisdom.  I would like to develop enhanced intuition to help people eliminate their blocks and limiting beliefs and unleash the power within us all.  I believe this process will assist me to increase my vibration and therefore help to elevate the vibrational frequencies of many others.

Making an Impact through Inspiration
It is important for me to inspire millions of people.  It is my intention to make a significant impact in the personal and spiritual development of people, to participate in the transformation of those who seek to be inspired and enlightened.

Meaningful Relationships
I intend to create and maintain deep, meaningful relationships through the giving and receiving of love.  I am committed to communicating authentically, and respectfully.  I place a high importance on self-actualization in the presence of these meaningful relationships so that I can contribute and grow.

Living the life of Service
I have a strong desire to be of service:
– for those seeking fulfillment and joy
– for those seeking to be uplifted and inspired
– for those seeking to unleash their inner power
– for those seeking wisdom in personal and spiritual development

To create abundance in partnership with the Universe
I am here to learn to create an abundance of positive and meaningful experiences through passion and intention.  I seek to fully embrace and receive the fruits of my requests to the universe with gratitude.  I intend to create an abundance of: inspiration, love, joy, happiness, and money.

I am unsure whether or not I have done my homework properly, I certainly did not create a list of values consisting of one or two words each.  Hopefully Steve will work with me to help refine my values in our next coaching session together.