Against the Odds

An Unusual Emotional Reaction

Back in August, 2013, I felt a strange urge to contact a healer called Sian who was based in Perth Australia.  I had always felt a sense of kinship towards Sian on the forum we belonged to because she wrote remarkable stories.  She experienced many healing miracles and she was keen on writing about it when I first joined the forum.  When I was typing that first email to Sian to introduce myself, something unexpected happened.  I started to cry for no apparent reason.  Tears were flowing down my face and I couldn’t stop myself from crying.  The content of the email was quite simple, I was wondering why she was no longer a moderator of the forum and that I really admired her work.  I told her that I would love to get to know her better and talk about all the miraculous sessions she had facilitated. She had facilitated more than 1500 healing sessions.

Puzzled by my physical reaction while composing the email, I asked Sian if she would be willing to speak with me on Skype.  So, while I was in San Francisco in late September 2013 to meet with my friend Clare, we had a great Skype conversation.  But something seemed incomplete.  I told Sian that it is highly likely I would have to go and see her.  I could not even explain why.  But she told me that I should not go and see her.  I didn’t feel rejected, I know how this feels. Whenever a client tells me that they wanted to travel  from a place far far away to see me, I always tried to get them to go see someone else who might be closer to them.  The farther the client has to travel to see me, the more nervous I get.  It was some kind of performance anxiety.  If Sian was anything like me, she would try to stop me from coming to see her in Australia given that I would be coming from Vancouver Canada. It will take nearly two days to travel to Australia.  The idea of going to Australia just to see Sian seemed far fetched because I really didn’t know how I was going to fit this into my schedule.  So, life moved on.

Then in October 2013, I decided to schedule a visit to Taiwan at the end of November to visit my father and my sister.  While I was in Taiwan, I found out that my teacher will no longer be teaching courses internationally and I looked online for the very next course she will teach in person and it was going to be in Sydney Australia.  Around the same time, a friend of mine was going to visit his parents in Perth Australia and he suggested out of the blue that I could go and visit.

Light to EarthI connected with my own inner wisdom and They said that I had a mission in Australia. I was shown that I had to go to Perth, where my friend and Sian lives, and I had to go to Sydney.  I had no idea what I would do with opening a portal but if they told me I had to go, why not just go with it? With one week to go before the course starts in Sydney Australia, I was set into motion to put my trip together.  Everything came together quickly. I emailed Sian and she told me that even though she was not going to be around during weekend that I was going to be in Perth, Australia, she would make time to see me the night I arrive.  I was to take a direct flight from Taiwan to Sydney and then take a intercontinental flight from Sydney to Perth on the same day, the total travel time including train ride and layover time was 25 hours. My friend Ken, not his real name also graciously offered to pick me up from the airport and drive me in to see go see Sian.

“You Can’t Go to Australia.”

My flight from Taiwan to Sydney was set to take off at 11 pm on December 5th, 2013. I took the bullet train to the Airport station, which was 20 minutes bus ride away from the airport.  I arrived at 8:35 pm and pulled my luggage towards a check-in Kiosk at the train station.  This way, I could check in my luggage before boarding the shuttle bus to the airport.  When I arrived at the check-in Kiosk for China Airlines, the lady behind the counter scanned my passport as part of the check-in process several times looking very confused.  I had to wait many minutes while she attempted to scan my passport over and over again.  Finally she looked up and said to me, “You don’t have a Visa to go to Australia.”

“What?” I was shocked, “I need a Visa to go to Australia? I have a Canadian passport, we are Commonwealth Countries. We are supposed to be friends!” I was clearly ignorant. “Can’t I just apply for a Visa after I land in Sydney?” Then they won’t be able to deny me!

“Unfortunately, I cannot even check in your luggage or give you a boarding pass without a Visa.  Every time I tried to scan your passport, it just said ‘error’.” She said.

The manager came by and graciously offered me the possibility of using their computer to apply for an electronic visa online.  He said that most of the time, people holding Canadian passports can be approved immediately. I began entering my information into the system.  I was keenly aware of the time on the computer, it said 9:06 pm — less than two hours away from take off.  I typed in all my information and payed my $20 fee to submit my application.  I anxiously waited while I pressed the submit button hoping that I could be approved right away.  After loading the page for a few seconds (but it seemed much longer), the screen displayed a webpage that said.  We have received your application.  Your application had been flagged for review by one of our staff members. Please contact our Visa office in 12 hours to see if you have been approved.

“What?!” I couldn’t believe this, at 9 pm Taiwan time, it was 12 am in Sydney. Who was going to be there to process my application?

“Ms Chu,” the manager approached me, “I checked our system and saw that there is space on the flight tomorrow night. I would be happy to move you to that flight free of charge.”

“You mean you checked for available seats even before I completed the application? I asked in disbelief. Did he know this was going to happen?

“I can’t help it Ms. Chu, I already had to turn 5 other passengers away in the last 30 minutes because they didn’t have a Visa to go to Australia.” He said apologetically.

“When is the latest I have to check in to make the flight?” I asked.

“You will have to check in by 10:20 pm at the airport. The train station Kiosk will be closing soon.  But keep in mind that the airport is 20 minutes away from here by shuttle and the last train to go back to your hometown will leave the train station by 11 pm if you didn’t make the flight.” The kind manager reminded me of all my obstacles.

I looked at the clock on the computer screen and it said 9:25 pm. I stood up quickly and gathered my passport and walked briskly to my luggage. “I’m going to have to go take my chances at the airport.” I said as I hastily dragged my half broken luggage towards the shuttle bus exit. The shuttle left soon after I boarded it with my luggage in tow. I looked at my phone — 9:30 pm.

As I sat on the shuttle bus on my way from the train station to the airport, I could not believe this was happening.  I took out my smart phone and got ready to text my friend Ken and email Sian saying that I could not make it.  I thought of calling my Dad to tell him he would have to pick me up from the train station.  Then I paused and thought, “If I write them and tell them that I will not make it to Australia, then wouldn’t that cast doubt on my desire to board that plane? No, I cannot make any calls yet. I have to believe that I can make my flight!”

I looked up and waved my little fist up in the sky. “Why did you do this to me?” I said silently. “I thought you told me I was supposed  to go to Australia?!”  Thankfully it was dark and noisy on the bus or else people might have thought I was a little nuts.

Then a voice spoke loud and clear to me in my head, “You don’t believe in your mission. You don’t believe in your power.  Why should we let you go?”

“What?” I was shocked. Whoever they were, God or Higher Consciousness, they were right. I really did think it was absurd that I would be sent to open a portal. Me? Impossible.  Wasn’t that just an excuse for me to see Australia for the first time?  That just sounded too…important and too…unreal.  But my own doubt was about to cause me to miss my flight to Australia and hundreds of dollars in the intercontinental flight I had already purchased to fly from Sydney to Perth. “What can I do?” I asked.

“Believe in your mission. Believe in your power.” They said.

With 15 minutes left before reaching the airport, I closed my eyes. While sitting on the dark noisy shuttle bus, I began to mutter to myself over and over again, “I believe in my mission! I believe in my power! I believe in my mission! I believe in my power!” I imagined that I was already on the flight to Sydney. I could not let any doubt come in the way of making it on that flight.  I believe in my mission! I believe in my power!

After arriving at the airport, I made my way to the check-in counter for China Airlines as quickly as I could. I didn’t even have time to look at the clock.  When I got to the check-in counter, there was barely any line up. I supposed most of the passengers had already checked-in. I gave the lady at the check-in counter my passport and said, “I have a little problem. I didn’t have a Visa to go to Australia. I tried to apply the Visa at the train station but they said that I had to wait 12 hours.  I thought I would come here and try again.” I said quickly.

The lady behind the counter took my passport and started typing my name into the system. I looked at my phone, 9:56 pm — one hour and 4 minutes before take off.

“I’m really sorry Ms. Chu,” the lady behind the counter said, “It still says ‘Error’ on our system. Apparently your Visa has not yet been approved.”

“How long do I have before I absolutely have to check in my luggage?” I asked.

“Until 10:15 pm at the latest.” She said.

For a moment I felt deflated and disappointed. It was time for me to step to the side so that she could serve other customers.  I started to gather my stuff as I took one look at my phone — 9:58 pm.  If I planned to make it home by train I had to leave the airport and board a shuttle bus by 10:30 pm at the latest.  I turned back to the lady behind the counter, “Could you please just scan my passport again one more time?”

“Alright…” She said doubtfully, probably thinking that I wasn’t accepting the situation and was delusional for thinking that there was any chance I could make the flight.  After all, it was almost 1 am Sydney time.  She took my passport back and tried one last time to scan the passport through. Then she suddenly sat up in her chair. “You are in! You got in!” She began to punch on her keyboard quickly and efficiently.

“YAY! YAY! YAY!” Was all I could say.  In fact, I was jumping up and down at the check in terminal with passengers turning around and looking in my direction.  I didn’t care as I jumped up and down again, shamelessly waving my hands in the air like a little kid on Christmas day.

“Please put your luggage on the scale, Ms. Chu, I’m going to check you in now.” The lady said with a smile as I put my luggage on the scale. I looked at my phone and it said, 10:05 pm, 55 minutes before the flight takes off.

I quickly made my way past the security check point and walked briskly towards my gate.  I took out my phone and called my Dad and told him about my ordeal in the last 2 hours.  On the other side of the line, I could hear my Dad laughing at me as I told my story.  After I was finished he said, “You better watch out when you get to Sydney!”

“Why Dad?” I asked.

“They might say, ‘Who the heck processed your application in the middle of the night?'” He was still giving me lots of silly laughs.

“You have a good point.” I said as I reached my gate.

The voice over the intercom started saying “Welcome to China Airlines Flight CI 55 bound from Taipei to Sydney, we are now preparing for boarding…”

“I got to go Dad–” The announcement was so loud I could barely hear him over the phone. “I’ll call you when I reach Sydney.”

“Ok, Have fun with your adventure!” My Dad said in his usual cheerful voice.

I wasn’t sure what was in store for me in Australia.  One thing I knew for sure, I needed to ‘believe in my mission’ and I needed to ‘believe in my power’.

I will post more about my journey to Australia soon…Stay tuned…

Manifesting a Pet

“Dante, Mommy and Daddy are going out,” I said to my four year old son as I was walking out, “You stay with Granny ok?”
“Where are you going?” Dante asked.
“We are going to go look at a new house.” Daddy said to my great dismay.
“I want to go with you!” Dante pleaded while clinging to Daddy’s long legs.  I knew this was going to happen —
“Dante, we are not even sure we are going to move yet, we are just looking to see if there is another place we could move to.” I said, “Besides, do you want to move?”
“Yes I want to move to a new house!” Dante jumped up and down enthusiastically.
“Why do you want to move to a new house?” I asked, I thought he was quite fond of the girl who lives across the street.
“So I could have a PET!” Dante said.

Oh dear, all those days when he asked for a pet we used to use the excuse that our landlord — the person we are borrowing the house from said that we could not have pets.  I did not know that our excuses could have had such a lasting impression.  “We’ll see what we can find.” I said nervously as I got into the car.  After all, most landlords do not permit pets when they rent out their houses.

Fish TankWe drove to the house we were considering and immediately liked what we saw.  The house was beautifully furnished and was just what we were looking for.  Given that we did not own a lot of furniture, the owner of the house said that it would be preferable if she didn’t have to move all of her furniture out as she would have nowhere to store them.  We were ecstatic about the possibility of being able to use all these beautiful furniture without having to purchase our own furniture.


“There is one thing I am not sure what to do with,” The landlady said, “and that is the little fish tank I have in the corner.”
“Oh, a fish tank,” I mumbled nervously, “I am not sure what to do with the fish either, I had never own any fish.” Besides eating them when I used to eat meat…
“It’s a self cleaning and self feeding tank, you barely have to do anything for the fish.” The landlady said with a glint of hope in her eyes.
“Hey, it’s a pet isn’t it?” My husband said with much amusement and a big smile on his face.
“Well, well, what do you know…Dante may actually have a pet after all” I said.

We went home to tell everyone we’ve found a new place and Dante was very excited to know that the house already has pets in it.  What can I say? Dante has already perfected the art of manifesting what he wants!


Where is my money?

With all the hype about the law of attraction and The Secret, some people are left wondering, “if the law of attraction works, where is my money?”  In my previous posts, I have mentioned that limiting beliefs buried deep in our subconscious minds are often the culprits of what prevent us from manifesting whatever we want.  I asked my readers to ask yourselves the following questions:

  1. What comes to mind when you hear the word money?
  2. What does your father think of money? How much money does he have?
  3. What does your mother think about money? How much money does she have?

I would like to take this opportunity to share a reader’s response and analyze why money has not been manifested so far:

Question: What comes to mind when you hear the word money?

  • U.S. currency, many $100 bills
  • My lack of money
  • What I should have
  • What money I have borrowed, and have not been able to repay.
  • My desires in their physical form
  • The way my life should be
  • Reminds me to manifest my desires
  • Reminds me that I should meditate
  • Good/evil potential of money
  • Other’s situations with money
  • The abundance of money
  • The amount of people that live prosperous lifestyles

First of all, I wanted to share that I am deeply touched by this reader’s honesty and the willingness to play along with me and my questions.  What this reader wrote is not unlike what many people would write.  I remember when I thought I had no money and I kept worrying about not having money, this is the natural human condition, it is what our ego does to us to make us feel insecure about the lack of money that we have.

Here is what I realize is one of the most fundamental step to manifesting greatness:

Accept whatever you have right now~

Notice that this perspective is a bit different from thinking about what is missing in our lives.  The universe gives us whatever we think and feel:

Thoughts + Feelings = Manifestation

So if whenever I think of money, I just keep thinking about how my life *should* be, then I am in fact, thinking about all the things that are lacking in my life.  If we apply this to the equation for manifestation, then it will look very much like this:

I don’t have enough money + disappointment = No Money

If you have watched the movie The Secret, or have read about the law of attraction, you probably have heard of people talking about gratitude.  I think sometimes when things are not going so well, it is hard to think about gratitude.  Perhaps before we go to gratitude, we can think about the following question:

So what *DO* I have?

Let me give you an example of how this works:

Question: What do I have?

I have….

  • A full head of hair, lots of gray ones but I can dye them if I wish 🙂
  • A pair of glasses allowing me to see clearly
  • A straight nose
  • Kissable lips
  • All my teeth in tact so far…

See how easy it is to think about what you already have?  Now let’s get to business:

I have…

  • 3 meals a day plus a snack or two
  • great coffee
  • a roof over my head
  • a jacket to wear when it is cold outside
  • stove to cook my food on
  • a fridge to keep left overs
  • a computer to use to write this post
  • high speed internet…

Wow, life is getting luxurious…

  • a warm body to cuddle with when it is cold (thanks to my husband)
  • two beautiful healthy kids laughing all the time (they cry too but that comes with the package)
  • a nanny to cook my meals and giving me time to write
  • my own en suite bathroom in my master bedroom
  • a Honda Accord to drive around in
  • recently manifested an iPad, someone just decided to give one to my husband and I consider it an iPad for me 😀

Life just keeps getting better!

I am sure if I wanted to, I can list a lot of things I don’t have.  Last week I was one iPad short, but I put it on my list of things to manifest for the week and it showed up.  I didn’t sit there feeling bad that I was one iPad short or that I should have had an iPad already.  I just thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to have an iPad to read my ebooks with?  Then I recall imagining myself holding one.  I spent an hour looking on the internet at pictures of an iPad.  I ordered an Apple Fanboy a birthday cake that looked like an iPad:

iPad Cake

As you can see, I called it the iKake 🙂  The iKake I designed was made with real fruit and the piece at the top of the cake was a piece of chocolate to resemble the back of an actual iPad.  This iKake cost me $55 to custom order it.  Coincidentally, 2 weeks after I ordered the iKake, the person whom I gave the iKake to gave us an iPad that costs approximately $550.  Very interesting…

In this case, I didn’t manifest any money but I thought I manifested as approximately $500 of value 🙂 Maybe I should have titled this post: “How I manifested an iPad.”

I think the most important thing to take away from this edition of Manifestation Stories is this:

Think of what you already have instead of what you should have.

Once you have accepted life as the way it is (after all, we manifest everything in our lives), then you can start envisioning yourself having some other things.

So the exercise for today is:

Start a word document or take a piece of paper (or your iPad :P), write down what you already have and feel good about it!

As for the things you think you *should* have, pick something you want to practice with and envisioning yourself already having it before you go to sleep and immediately after you wake up in the morning.  So for example, if you really want an iPad, find a picture of it online / in a magazine, hold it in your hand as if you already have one, close your eyes and envision what you would be doing with it like you already have one. When you do this, make sure you are in a good space (like in a good mood), don’t try this if you are in a foul mood, or you might not like the results 😛 Don’t try to think of too many things at once first, start with something simple.  For example, one week I wrote down that I want to manifest a free hot drink.  When my husband went to Starbucks to get me a drink, the person at the counter said to him, “would you like to fill in a free online survey to get a free drink the next time you visit Starbucks?” To which my husband said, “Why wait until next time?” So he whipped out his smart phone and completed the survey right there and got us a free hot chocolate! Yuummy!

So if you are new to this, start with something small you want to manifest and let the game begin!

How can you manifest money?

I received an email from a reader a week ago with the following question:

Dear May,

I’ve been following your blog for about three months. It is very inspirational to see your manifested intentions. I’d also like to add that it is very refreshing to see someone with manifestation experience genuinely try to help people without experience. Not to mention not trying to charge people for your help.

The intention of my email is to enlist in your help. I have spent countless hours on the internet looking for help, but you seem to be the only person that I feel comfortable in contacting. Anyways, I have been manifesting my desire for an upwards of 5 months. My desire is to make $100,000, a year. I am only 19 years old, so I am unsure if this manifestation is realistic. When I think about my desire, it does seem reasonable. There are teenage movie stars who make millions of dollars. Anyways, I was just wondering how long a desire like this would take to manifest? Also, are there any specific steps I can take to speed the process? I haven’t seen any results thus far. Christmas is rapidly approaching and I do not have a dollar to my name. I would love to manifest some money to give money where it needs to go… to my family. I do not have a job and I am currently leaching money off of my parents. I really hate the idea of that, the economy is bad enough in Rhode Island. I would love to give my parents what they deserve and also what I deserve. So, if you could, please help me out.

Thanks in advance for your help…

First I wanted to share with my readers how I felt when I received this letter…

I was excited, then I was scared.

I was excited because someone asked me for help.  I am always so excited to help other people especially when it comes to helping them manifest their desires but I am scared because I thought, “What if I couldn’t help him? Would that make me a failure?”

I began to feel the responsibility of being asked questions and I am afraid that I am some how responsible for the events that will transpire.  It took me a long time to write the reader back because I needed to thing back to the process I went through to finally manifest some decent chunk of money.  After some deliberation this was what I wrote:

Hi There,

Thank you for writing. I think I need to know a little bit more about your situation before giving any advice. Manifesting money is easy and yet it is not. It requires personal and spiritual development and a lot of self awareness. If you are willing, we can work together and see if there is something you can do. The universe often doesn’t hear your verbal requests, it senses how you feel about things. From what I can tell from your email you are feeling a bit hopeless and the universe picks up on that. It is hard not to feel a bit disappointed in this economy.

Here are a few questions I would like to ask you:

  1. What do you know about the Law of Attraction? What books / movies have you seen about it?
  2. Why do you want the money?
  3. If you manifested $100,000, how would you use it?
  4. Why do your parents need the money?
  5. What is the biggest amount of money you have ever seen in one lump sum?

I can ask even more questions but I think I will stop there for now. I really wanted to manifest $300,000 once but it didn’t materialize within the time frame I had set for it. I realized that it is probably because I didn’t have a really good reason for the money. Can you imagine, there are tons of things I could do for $300,000, like pay off debt and stuff like that, but paying of debt is one of the worse reasons to want more money. I think it must be because the money is filling in somewhere where there is a lack…Anyways, I started really manifesting money when I felt the desire to get pregnant soon after my first son was born. I felt my next child knocking on the door and my husband and I lived in a one bedroom apartment where we had to share a bedroom with our new baby. I said to my next child by just saying out loud to myself, “No No, you can’t come yet, there is no room for you. If you really want to come, you have to help me manifest a bigger place!”. Within a few months I got a check for $500,000, bought a house with 4 bedrooms and was pregnant (much to my surprise at the time because my first child is still very young) as soon as moved in.”

*I have asked the reader for permission to share his / her questions on my blog while protecting his / her identity.

Why did I ask those questions and why was I my purpose for sharing my own story?

I really feel that sharing myself is important with those who interacts with me.  I am not above everyone else, I am just like everyone else.  I started from scratch and I wanted to share what I have gone through so that others may find inspiration in my stories.  I think there are some important things to take away from wanting to manifest money:

  1. The Universe helps us manifest experiences more than it helps us manifest money.
  2. If the experiences requires money, the money will come.

More important than talking about how to manifest money is the process of uncovering limiting beliefs.  I think this is the most critical element of manifesting anything we want.  This is why sometime reading books and receiving advice is not good enough.  The limiting beliefs are what stops us from manifesting the money and since limiting beliefs are not always visible to our own awareness, the process of uncovering them and eliminating them will require some effort on the part of the individual who wants to manifest money and the person helping to eliminate limiting beliefs.

I have had my own share of limiting beliefs in all areas of my life.  Pertaining to money, I have once written about how I felt that if I have money, my mother will take it all away.  Or that I won’t be deserving to keep the money I have because life can’t possibly be this good.

Here is the process I have found helpful in beginning to eliminate limiting beliefs:

Block 1 hour aside at a quite place and sit down with a piece of paper.  On top of the piece of paper, write the title, “When I hear the word ‘Money’ what are some of the things that come to mind?”  One the other side of the paper (I am assuming that a piece of paper has two sides),  write the title, “What my father thinks about money?” and “What does my mother thinks about money?” Write down as much as you can and trace all the way back to your childhood and any events and stories that have made you realize what you thought about money and what your parents thought of money.   I found it easier to do this with paper than it is with typing on the computer but others may find it easier to type on their computer.

After you have done this exercise, you can read it over to see if you find any revelations about you and the way you think about money, or your parents and how they think of money and how these thoughts of money relates with one another.  You can also consider doing this exercise and sending a scan of it to me at and I would be happy to look over it and point out possible limiting beliefs I can see.

I have had a lot of success in helping friends uncovering limiting beliefs by doing this exercise with them.  If you send me your Uncovering Limiting Beliefs worksheet, I would be happy to look over it and see how you can begin manifesting the life of your dreams 🙂

Green Tea and Peanut Ice Cream

Today our nanny asked my husband and I to go out to eat lunch so she would have time to clean the house instead of cooking while my baby is asleep.  My husband and I love to go a Chinese Hot Pot restaurant nearby that serves great Hot Pot with soft serve ice cream as dessert at the end of every meal.  My husband’s favourite flavour is Peanut.  One time he craved the peanut ice cream so much we went out to have Hot Pot but they didn’t have room for us in the restaurant.

While I was parking my car near the Hot Pot restaurant I jokingly said to my husband, “I wonder what is for dessert today, I kind of feel like a green tea ice cream…”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if they also have the peanut ice cream?” he said with a playful smile.

“Well, why don’t we intend for it?  The intention is to have a great meal and finish with a green tea ice cream and a peanut ice cream!” I declared.

Off we went with our meal and while I was ordering, I asked the server, “what’s the ice cream flavour for today?”

“Oh, we have an excellent blend of green tea ice cream today.  I really like this flavour.” the server said, “I’m not sure what is the other flavour but I will check later.”  She took our order and went off to help other customers.

We had a great meal as I shared with my husband what I had done so far today.  As we were finishing our meal I called the server over to ask about the other ice cream flavour.

“Oh, we also have peanut today!” She said as we watch the kitchen staff pour the peanut mix into the soft serve ice cream machine…

At dinner time my husband suddenly blurted out, “I really had a nice time with you at lunch today.”

“Oh really?” I said, “what was so nice about our lunch today?” I asked (I must be having many coaching sessions since I am asking these questions).

“Hmmmm, you got me there…” he ponders, “I think it was the peanut ice cream.” he response with a guilty smile.

Man, I almost believed that he had a lot of fun with ME!~

“Ok wait,” feeling like he should explain himself he said, “it was felt great to have received exactly what we had intended for.”

Well, since he put it that way, I couldn’t feel sorry for myself for not being the reason why he had a wonderful lunch.  After all, this was a moment we shared together.