Sound Healing with the Higher Self

I had an amazing weekend of doing sessions to help people connect to their own inner wisdom and higher self. In one of the sessions I facilitated, the client connect to her own powerful higher self and even offered me a healing! The client’s higher self was able identify the area of my body that was out of alignment and offered me a sound healing experience where I was asked to produce the sounds for my own healing. One of the most unique experiences I have had so far. This experience can only be shared through a video. Check it out!

Healed by My Client

Mary was a woman in her 60s who was referred to me by a family member who tried a spiritual regression session before and had gotten a lot of healing from a session. She was initially skeptical of a session because she had a long standing chronic back problem and a history of anxiety and depression.

She had initially booked a session with me with the encouragement of her family member but tried to canceled the session because she didn’t believe it could work for her. Finally she agreed to have a session with me anyways to appease those who loved her dearly. We spoke for a long time before the session even started. I sat there patiently as a listened, but I was starting to notice that my back was quite uncomfortable as I had been dealing with some back pain of my own.

During the session, Mary had a hard time seeing anything. Everything was gloomy and dark in the scenes that she was watching. I could tell that she was able to access her soul’s memories because she did see several different past life scenes, but each time, the scenes disappeared and she kept telling me that she couldn’t see anything anymore.

Then, I heard someone speak in my right ear so loud and clear in a female voice saying “USE THE LIGHT!”
So I followed my intuition and guided her to see the most significant scene in her soul’s memory and she went to a scene where she was at her husband’s bedside while he was dying from cancer years ago.

“What are you doing?” I asked.
“I am holding his hand.” Mary said, tears were streaming down her face.
“If you could say something to him, what would you say?” I asked her.
“I told him that I love him very much. If he wants to go and leave this world to a better place, I want him to go.” She sniffled and continued to wipe tears away from her face.

As Mary was re-living this painful event in her life, I heard the voice in my right ear again, Use the Light! So I said, “I want you to imagine that his body is lit up with Light….can you see that?”
“Yes, I can.” Mary said.
“If this Light has a color, what color would it be?” I asked.
“It is a golden colored light.” Mary said.
“This is the Light of your husband’s essence,” I said, “He can now speak to you. What is he saying back to you?”
“He said he loves me, and that he is ok.” Mary cried, “But I miss him so much.”
“Now, imagine that your body is also lit up with Light.” I said. “Can you see that?”
“Yes.” Mary said.
“If your Light has a color, what color would it be?” I asked.
“Also a golden colored light.” Mary said.
“Now, imagine as if you have no body at all, just a golden light like your husband…Now, let your husband take you to where he is going, let him take you to where he is going…where is he going? What do you see?”
“He took me to a place that is so bright, beautiful, and spacious.” Mary seemed to be in a sense of awe. “This is the place of Buddha.”
Mary is a very devout Buddhist and I know that this must be a place like heaven.

“Can we ask Buddha some questions?” I asked.
“Yes!” Buddha answered.
“Can Mary be healed of her health issues?” I asked.
“I don’t think I have enough faith.” Mary interrupted.
“No matter how you may lack enough faith, Buddha is all loving and forgiving, ready to help you at any time, in any way possible, would it be ok for us to keep talking to Buddha anyways?” I asked.
“Ok.” Mary answered.

“Dear Buddha, would like to request healing for Mary’s body, can you help her?” I asked.
“Yes,” Buddha answered, “She will notice that she will be pain free, sleep better, have more confidence and truly enjoy her life.”

After the session ended, Mary got up and said, “I didn’t notice a difference at all. I am not sure this worked. Maybe this just doesn’t work for me.”
While I know this process doesn’t always work for everyone, I was saddened that Mary didn’t get the result she was looking for despite having such a great experience and having the opportunity to be taken to such a beautiful place by her husband in the spirit realm.

When I sat down at my desk later that night to process the session recording, I had the sudden realization that my back was no longer sore! It felt so comfortable I found it hard to get used to feeling so good!

As I drifted off to sleep that night, I heard a soothing voice say, “You did the best that you could. We gave you healing in your back so that you know that healing was always available.”

Then I realized, healing is always available, but we also have the free will to accept or reject the healing that is available. It is hard to imagine why anyone would consciously reject healing. As I thought back to my conversation with Mary, I realized she had said to me, “I don’t have a lot of confidence, I am not sure I can really have what I want to have. Other people seem to be luckier than I am, and I just have to accept whatever happens. My children doesn’t have any confidence problems, they go after whatever they want. But my generation was brought up differently, we can’t always ask for or get what we want…”

This makes me wonder, how can I help people to feel deserving enough to receive everything they want? If I could solve this problem, more people will be able to heal themselves when they connect to their own inner wisdom and infinite power.

Wisdom from a Tree

“I believe you may have a strong connection to plants.” I said to my friend as I sat across her at a vegetarian restaurant.
I wasn’t sure why I said this but I had a strong intuitive feeling that this was true. After over a decade of testing out my intuitive hunches, I finally came to the conclusion that I should really trust myself because my accuracy rate was pretty high.

Besides getting the hunch that my friend had a strong connection with the nature around her, my intuition also showed me how I was going to help her.

A few weeks later we made the trek out to a beautiful lake surrounded by beautiful trees. We picked a spot by the lake and sat down. When my friend told me she was ready to proceed, I told her to choose a tree or a plant nearby she would like to connect with.

She picked a tree beside her and I trusted my instincts and guided her to connect with her inner wisdom. Within minutes, my friend felt the Being that was the tree.

“What do you feel like?” I asked.
“It feels like my hips are very heavy and I am deeply anchored into the ground.” She said.
“How far do the roots go?” I asked.
“It goes all the way down to the edge of the lake…the roots of every tree are all interconnected together! So above the ground, the trees may seem separate from each other, but under the ground, they are all connected!”
“If the tree can tell you something now, a message that it has for you, what would it say?” I asked.
“The tree said ‘we are all One’.” My friend replied with tears streaming down her face.
She was not just getting a message, but she was experiencing the Oneness of the entire forest and all the life around her. There was a sense of awe in her voice when she spoke. It seemed like she deeply felt how loving and connected the trees were to one another. The forest was not a lonely place, it was a very vibrant place full of love, connection, and a sense of community between all the plants and animals.

After my friend shared her insights with me, I realized that the forest is very symbolic of life as a spiritual being in a physical body. The physical body is like the individual trees in the forest, seemingly separate from one another. The roots are like the spiritual being that inhabits the body — deeply connected to the souls of other beings.

We are all connected to each other at the roots of our soul, even if we seem separate to each other.

The Cure For Loneliness

Recently I facilitated an inner wisdom session with a yoga teacher and here are the golden nuggets I learned from this session:

Love, is the highest and most important mission.

To solve the despair in the world requires more people to get in touch with their inner selves.
The lack of connection people have with their inner selves is the true cause of loneliness.
When people are connected to their inner selves, they will no longer feel lonely.

They will make the best choices for themselves and the environment around them.
This is the best way to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

I personally felt incredibly touched by this inner wisdom session because it helps me realize the why behind what I do with my work – to help alleviate the pain and suffering in the world by helping people connect to their true inner selves and listen to their own inner wisdom.

Together with many healers around the world, we need to do our best to connect and be our true selves and help others to do the same.

Searching for Love

Love in the CloudsRecently I have been feeling a huge wave of energy washing over me as I go about my day.  Sometimes this can be a bit annoying because I could not hold my smart phone if I wanted it to work properly.  The good part about this new surge of energy is an increase in my ability to communicate with my Inner Wisdom with greater clarity. One of the areas in my life that has taken a quantum leap is the discovery of a method I can use to guide clients to connect with their own Inner Wisdom from anywhere around the world as long as I can speak to them over the phone or Skype.

These sessions were so amazing I realized that I needed to share the results with others. The session today was one of those amazing sessions. A man in his early 50’s (whom I will call Larry) contacted me to see if he could get some greater insights into why he has not been able to manifest a life partner so far. Some of the burning questions on his mind were:

  • Why has it been so difficult to find a relationship?
  • Why does he feel like he just couldn’t get the kind of partner he wanted?
  • Why does he keep manifesting relationships with women who are more high maintenance?

During our session he first experienced a memory of relationship he had 5 years ago where he had been quite accommodating throughout the relationship. When he finally spoke his mind, she stopped talking to him. This left him feeling angry, sad and upset. He felt disappointed that he had to start all over again.

Larry then experienced a memory where he was head over heels with a woman many years ago. When he finally got the courage to ask her out, he felt that she had made up an excuse why she could not go out with him. He felt devastated and formulated the belief that he could never get the kind of girl he wanted.

As I continued to trace back memories of similar incidences in his life, he went back all the way to the time he was in Kindergarten. It was snack time and he was really excited about snack time.  The teacher he really liked had offered him a cinnamon cookie — a flavor he greatly disliked. Not wanting to upset the teacher in anyway, he tried his best to eat a cookie he didn’t like.  He ended up crying and snack time was not as fun anymore. Larry had felt like if he had told the teacher how much he disliked the cookie, she might not have liked him anymore.  So he tried suppressing his true feelings in order to please his teacher.

I then guided him to another time when something similar happened and he recalled a memory where he was a man in the 18th century being forced by his parents to marry someone he did not love.  He was angry at his parents and created the negative belief that his feelings didn’t matter and that he had to settle for less.  At this time in the session, a pre-existing cough he had got worse as he was feeling a sense of tightness in his upper chest area.

I guided Larry to the first time in his Soul’s memory when something similar happened. He recalled a time before his very first incarnation.  He really didn’t want to incarnate and resisted outside pressure for him to incarnate.  He felt like he was being over-ruled and finally gave in to the pressure while feeling angry and resentful.  He felt like he just could not get what he wanted. In that first incarnation, he was an angry person in a female body.

Given that we had found the origin where he had lost his sense of power to choose what he loved to do, I guided Larry through a process to connect with Larry’s own Inner Wisdom. Below is a snippet of my conversation with his Inner Wisdom:

May: Can you tell us why Larry was forced to incarnate?

Wisdom: Because he couldn’t progress any further in the ascension process until he incarnated. His Souls’ progression was at a standstill.

May: Can you please tell us why Larry had been unable to have a loving romantic relationship?

Wisdom: There are two reasons why he had not been able to have a loving relationship. (1) He has to realize that the partners he desired in the past were not partners he would have thrived with. Instead of going with the soul connection, he relied mostly on the physical connection. (2) He never believed in himself.  He needs to believe in himself and feel comfortable and powerful in his own essence.

May: So if Larry was willing to focus on connecting with women on a soul level and he started to shine with his true essence, then would he be able to have a loving, romantic relationship?

Wisdom: YES! Things can change in an instant! Don’t rely on the physical sense and rely on the compass in your heart and understand that there are multiple partners out there.  This isn’t supposed to be like finding a needle in a haystack. You will have choices. [With this new realization] you will look around and be amazed at what’s out there. Understanding your time in this life is short. You’re in your 50’s. When the fear comes up, you can’t let that stop you from living life.  If you want to have a partner, you need to actively participate in your own life!

May: Thank you so much for your love and guidance. Do you have any messages for May?

Wisdom: Don’t sell yourself short. You’re better at this than you think you are.

Amazingly, after the session ended Larry had no memory of ever conversing with his own inner wisdom. It was good that I took excellent notes but I know in the future I will have to look into recording these sessions even if no induction was used.  Interestingly, Larry started the session coughing a lot and ended the session not coughing much at all.  He was also pleasantly surprised at how light and relaxed he felt in his body after a 90 minute conversation.

This is so amazing! I am so grateful to the Universe for continuing to show me how I can transform the lives of other people.

Update: Nearly a year after working with me, he found confidence in himself and started dating again.

My New Mother

Rewired BrainThe last two months have been incredibly interesting and adventurous for me.  In October of 2012, my mother told me that she might be interested in learning more about the work I was doing — helping others resolve mysterious health issues.  I was super excited and yet skeptical.  She had a lot of health problems.  She claimed that she had issues with her memory, vision, digestion, elimination, weak muscles and bones (osteoporosis), and issues with sleep requiring her to take tranquilizers to sleep every night.

I began to talk about the miracles in my work when she visited me.  We didn’t have much to talk about because we didn’t share similar beliefs, but I kept trying anyways.  I knew my mother would really benefit from a session but she wasn’t going to have one, at least not from me. Family members are hard to work with.  This is because there may be some unspoken words and feelings or perhaps resentment that had pilled up after all the years of living together.  I booked a plane ticket for my mother to attend a class that will introduce her to my work.

When I first saw my mother after she had completed a course, she was so happy to see me and she tried to give me a hug.  I know this may sound like common sense for a mother to give the daughter a hug, but, the last hug I remember my mother gave me was when I was 7 years old.  Hugging is just not something we do in the Chinese culture.

I asked her how her course was and if she was able to connect with her Higher Self and she said she had a great experience. I noticed something was different about my mother.

When I saw my mother, the conversation went something like this:

“So, what did you find out from your session?” I asked.
“I don’t know for sure because I haven’t really listened to it yet.  I plan to listen to it when I have a moment.  What I remember is mostly what my classmate told me.” My mother said.
“So, what did your classmates tell you about your session?” I asked.
“When I first got there, I complained about being tired and not being able to remember anything.  I told them I couldn’t see very well and required a lot of assistance.” My mother said.
“So what did they say happened during your session? What does your Higher Self have to say about your health issues?” I asked.
“When my classmates asked the Higher Self for healing on my physical issues, it was said that they had to address the true source of why I was having these physical issues.”
“Oh! What was the true Source of all your physical issues?” I was very intrigued.
“They said it had something to do with my brain. So, the Higher Self had to rewire my brain.”
“They did WHAT?” I couldn’t believe my own ears.
“They said they had to rewire my brain.” She said while pointing at her head.
“So, what difference do you notice?” I asked.
“Well, that’s the thing, the day after we had our practice sessions, the teachewr asked the people with successful healing cases to go up to share with the rest of the class and my group went up. They told the class what happened since I still didn’t remember much from my session and one of the other classmates in the audience suddenly pointed out that I was no longer wearing my glasses. They said, ‘Didn’t you say you could not see well without your glasses? Where are your glasses now?’ And I thought to myself, Oh yeah! Where are my glasses? I guess I don’t need them anymore.
“Wow,” My own mother had a miraculous healing! “So, what do you notice now that your brain had been rewired?”
“I can remember the things I’ve learned!” She said.
“Well, I am having such a miraculous time here! It is amazing you don’t have to wear glasses anymore! On a different note, the kids are all sick back in Canada.” I was updating her on how her grandchildren were doing.
“Well…,” She said while her eyes looked upwards towards the left, “They are sick because they are not getting something they need from their parents.”
“And how did you know that?” I asked. Did she just pull that out of nowhere?
“Did I just say something? I don’t know where that came from, I just know that this could be the reason.” She said while looking at me again.

Somehow, my mother became kind of psychic.  I don’t quite know how to explain it. It was like she knew the answers to things she did not know before.  When her eyes looked up towards the left side, she seemed to have some pearls of wisdom that just came out of nowhere! Another thing she told me that just came out of nowhere was, “You cannot evade what you came here (Earth) to learn.  To do so will only cause health consequences…even death.”