Those Who Survived the Storm

In a previous post on the inspirational stories blog, I wrote about why we have natural disasters and how to weather natural disasters through having the best outlook and setting the most positive intentions for those who are affected.

Yesterday, I came across a news article from CBC News where a news segment called The National sent reporters down to the hardest hit areas from Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys. The reporter found local resident Amber Jackson who’s home was left standing while all the homes around her were destroyed. The next question the reporter asked her caught my attention at 1:20 into the video:

“Why do you think your home survived?” The reporter asked.
“Because I have been trying really hard to do the right thing and I think God noticed.” Amber said with a little smile.

Then at 1:58 into the video, the report interviewed residents Delane and James Lowery where they lived in the worse hit area where Irma first made landfall in the Florida Keys. The reporter asked, “You stayed here?!”
“Of course!” Delane said without a doubt.
“Come on!” The reporter pressed, “REALLY?”
“We’re spiritual people and my guides have already told me we will be ok.” Delane said confidently without an ounce of doubt.

From the video footage, I could see that their house was barely touched by the storm even if there were wide spread destruction around them. I couldn’t help to chuckle at Delane’s response to the reporter because there were no other reasons why they should have survived the storm. So astonishing was their outcome, that CBC included their interview response on Canadian national television.

Video shared from CBC News The National published on September 13th, 2017 Titled: Florida Keys residents reeling from hurricane devastation.


The Surrogate

Urgent Request to Help Jane!
This message was sent as an email message to me from fellow Spiritual Regression practitioner Sian Chua who is based in Perth Australia on behalf of another fellow practitioner Jane (not her real name) who posted a request for help.

Sian is the kind of person who wants to help everyone. Jane was experiencing an inability to eat or digest liquids and solid food. She was sent to the hospital due to starvation and dehydration. The doctors had no idea what was going on. I would have never thought of myself as someone who could help Jane. She lived in a different country and different time zone. Sian also lived in a different country on a different continent with a time zone difference of more than 15 hours from me. When I read the email carefully I saw that Sian wrote, “I’m emailing you to see if you are willing to be a surrogate as you are an amazing subject and you have such a good connection to Source.”

I have never thought of helping people by being a surrogate (except for my own kids). I don’t like being responsible for other people’s healing. I don’t like the idea of failing if the session did not work. What if people ask me for help and I could not help them? If I just stick with being a facilitator / practitioner, then I know the clients are 100% responsible for their own healing. However, I could not say “No” to Sian. She once told me that she believed I could help people heal without doing a session but I told her that I didn’t really know how to do that. That was about to change.

We contacted Jane and asked her to make herself comfortable and lay down during the time Sian and I would talk to each other. I got this idea after watching a special Oprah did about John of God. Apparently when he does psychic surgeries by distance, he always asked the clients to wear white and lay down. Oprah interviewed Wayne Dyer about this. Wayne was a recipient of healing from John of God’s spiritual healing team. He said that he had disregarded the suggestion to lay down when John of God was sending his spiritual healing team to help him and went on a run instead. He said he collapsed during his run and had to crawl back home and ended up sleeping for 8 hours straight. So I thought it would be good for Jane to lay down and rest just in case the healing worked. You see, I am not unlike many of my clients who are plagued by self doubt at times.

Sian and I got online and agreed on which questions would be discussed. She would be the facilitator to facilitate my access to Source (which is usually the point of access for my own inner wisdom) for healing other people. We agreed that I would connect to Source Energy myself without an induction. She would then ask Source how I could best help others as a vessel for healing. It was a channeled healing session where Source showed me what to do while Sian held the space for me.

When Sian started to ask questions relating to Jane’s health issues, I felt a light sensation in my own body pertaining to where she was having problems in her body. Here is a condensed transcript where Q is the questioner (Sian) and A is the answer that was received from Source.

Q: Is there anything this vessel and I should know about Jane?

A: This vessels feels weakness in the 3rd chakra, where the sternum is, extending down to the 2nd chakra, pertaining to personal power. Something happened in her life in which she felt very powerless.

Q: Why is that so? Is there a person there that is keeping her stuck in the feeling of powerlessness?

A: At the root of it all, no matter who the person is it begins with the individual herself. Her sense of personal power and self worth. To be worthy of love and attention. That her feelings matter. Because there is the tendency to put herself last. In this case, it should actually be “me first!”. So this person having the digestive issues needs to begin with “me first”!

Q: Is it appropriate for us to request healing for Jane or is this something she needs to learn and do herself?

A: We are sending Light to her, especially in the mid torso area both at the front and at the back. This is to assist her in raising the vibration of her Being. Colors of Light is being applied…we are infusing energy into the body. However, the physical body has symptoms because it needs LOVE. So as much as we send love, it needs love from the person herself and her appreciation for her own body. We can help by increasing the vibration for her to step up and do something about this. We want to say to her “You can do this, you don’t have to bury your feelings! You have a CHOICE!”

Q: How does she do this? What can she do to actually love herself?

A: She needs to do one thing a day she really, really loves, because she doesn’t even give herself that. It is just to raise the vibration for her to take that step up and say to herself, “You know what? I matter…anything I want is possible.”

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say to Jane?

A: You are loved no matter what. You are loved no matter what. You are loved no matter what.

We completed the session late at night and I was busy the very next day so I did not have time to immediately process the recording for Jane. However, I received a message from Jane the next morning:

Hey May,
Did you and Sian get a chance to do the session last night? I was ready at 6 pm and relaxing. I had a bad day yesterday but slept more last night than I have in weeks!

Then a few hours later I got another message from Jane:

One of the digestive issues I was having resolved today! Any relief is HUGE for me right now!

I was very happy for Jane and wrote her back to apologize for not sending the recording in a timely manner because I was very busy. But when I finally sent the recording two days later, Jane wrote back and said that she had already drafted a letter to confront the person she’s been holding back on confronting for a long time even without knowing the content of the surrogate session.

Healing is a continuous journey for most people. Illness is often manifested as a way for the body to encourage us to love ourselves and to be true to ourselves. I am also going through a healing process too. I am slowly learning to trust the Universe and myself. I am forever grateful for Sian because she believed in me more than I believed in myself. She trusted me more than I could trust myself. She held the space for me to be my true amazing self. Those are the qualities of a truly remarkable teacher. Sian had been the catalyst of many of the inspirational stories I write on my blog. I am so grateful she is in my life. Thank you Sian!

Natural Disasters and A Lot of Love

While I was in the process of transcribing Spiritual Regression sessions, I came across this segment where a client’s inner wisdom spoke about natural disasters and political upheavals.

In the process of collapsing multiple realities, there will be many corrections. As humans you wonder, will there be a loss of life? The answer is yes. It is important to hold our intentions and our vibrations high. That is how you can get through corrections. Corrections are merely the increasing of the vibration of the Earth. As more energy comes in, it rattles things up a bit. While there are people who might say, “But there are loss of life with good people!” From our perspective, a life is like a blink of an eye, a learning experience. It is important to keep your vibration high throughout these experiences to weather the storm.

In the wake of natural disasters, people feel more love, more community, more belonging, and more connection with people around them. There are more inspirational stories. Like Donald Trump recently said during a trip to a shelter for people fleeing the effects of hurricane Harvey:

There is a lot of love…we saw a lot of happiness…As tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing…it is a wonderful thing to watch and it is beautiful.

I can see that this was an opportunity for him to learn about love and community. People may criticize him and say, “People are suffering and all you can say is that you saw a lot of happiness and love?” But what he saw must have been people doing their best to keep their vibrations high, to feel good even in the face of disaster.

For those who may be in the path of Hurricane Irma, keep the best outlook and set the most positive intentions that you can and stay present in your experience.

Update September 18, 2017

I saw a news segment by CBC news where a reporter survey the damage from Hurricane Irma in the hardest hit areas and found some interesting inspirational stories from those who survived the storm.

Why People Don’t Heal

Recently during a Spiritual Regression session, I asked my client’s Higher Self (HS) if I could ask a few questions pertaining to the success of self-healing. The following was a short discussion on this subject:

May: May has the question, why some people heal and some people don’t?

HS: Unfortunately, not everyone is feeling like they have the right to have, or experience imagination…to imagine…and this has been the great fall of man. Yes there is the idea of feeling worthy, as [client] knows, she tricks herself into healing by saying, “Even though I don’t feel worthy sometimes, or even most of the times, I still claim my right to heal. This helps her and she uses it a lot because it allows even her ego to just consider, “Oh! Ok, even though I don’t feel worthy, I am still worthy.” And it can be very healing and cathartic because it allows the whole body to integrate the experience of being worthy and healing even when there are these parts of oneself that still feels not worthy. But the people that have chosen to not only decide that they are not worthy but to decide that that there is no chance of it, or that there is no room for it, to extent that they won’t even say it out loud “I am worthy!” or even, “I am worthy even though I don’t feel it right now.” That’s when things humans consider to be miraculous — which is really the natural state, that’s when it gets thwarted is when this armor comes up, “No, it can’t be, I shall not be able to heal because that is the way it is.” They don’t allow the door to open by saying, ”Even though I feel unworthy most of the time, I know I am worthy.” That allows the room to heal. Actually, the whole house is lit up when the acknowledgment of both worlds, what we call the Light and the Dark. There is room for both, and when we make room for both, the whole house is lit up with love.

M: There is one person that May is working with that has lower back pain, but after the session, she almost didn’t want to acknowledge the success of the session and told her that she felt worse. What is the best way for May to help and approach this situation?

HS: Realizing that you can put the responsibility back on this person, not in a heavy way but in a empowering way, they need to own their own power and they are resisting it. And so you can ask, “How is it serving you to have an experience of it as being worse?” Of course saying it in a place where it is soft, where the energy is loving between you and you feel like her resistance is soft. She will be able to come to the answer with no judgement. If she is still in a place of needing to defend, which is the ego state, when the human mind gets to this state, it is busy defending its limitations. When humans are busy defending their limitations, that’s what they know, so again the doors are closed. This door can easily be opened if you decide on simple things like, “I choose it is safe for me to be wrong sometimes, I don’t have to be right all the time.” So meaning that if I have a belief structure that says, “I cannot receive healing, I will not be healed”. It is good for us to accept that we can be wrong because it opens the door to where it is right.

Client Session

I was able to have a session with the client with persistent back pain a day after receiving this guidance from the Higher Self.  The client was very chatty and I took the moment to lightly point ask that since this back pain had given her so much grief, has it gotten her anything that was good?

She thought for a quick moment and said that having the chronic back pain allowed her son to be more attentive to her. When she was feeling unwell, he would come and mop her floor and do some housework for her. This was the way for her to feel her son’s loving consideration especially after he got a girlfriend.

During the session the client explored incidences in her present life in which she felt very unloved as a child. She went to scenes in which her mother didn’t leave any food out for her when she was hungry, or that her mother didn’t give her any attention when she came home with blood and bruises all over her face from falling off the swing. Just took a look at her and told her that she deserved all the injuries for being not careful enough. She felt so insignificant as a teen that she had considered simply killing herself because she felt that no one cared if she existed or not.

Having debilitating pain became a way for her to get away with being moody with her family, needing a lot of ‘help and assistance’ with housework to maintain her high standard of cleanliness. She used her health issues as a way to control her son, to make him live in the same house as her because ‘she needed a lot of help’. Her son had previously moved out with his girlfriend but she bought a house that was beyond her means and made her son sign for a mortgage. Her son asked her why she couldn’t be happier and she told him that she is happy when she could ‘be close to him’.

So, when her son benefited from a Spiritual Regression session and wanted her to have a session, she agreed to have a session to appease her son but subconsciously rejected healing because that will give her less control over her son and that he would move away and leave her all alone to take care of a big house (which she bought without consulting her son) all by herself. Now thinking back, I think she even use her health issue to control me because I would feel bad for her and come back for a free session at no charge so she can get more tender loving care from me!

When we connected to the Light, they suggested that the best thing to do is for the client to begin loving herself. They assured that she is loved and healing is available for her. She got from her inner wisdom that it was more important to be kind to herself rather than waiting for someone to be kind to her. They reassured that she is deeply loved by giving her a sensation of warmth all over the body.

At the end of the day, a person’s level of self love and self worth is the most important indicator of healing. There are plenty of healing methods out there, but self love is the most important healer of all.

A few days later I got an update from her son saying that she had seemed lighter after having a session with me and he even overheard her humming to herself — something he said she had not done for a long time.

So, even if she claimed that she was not able to attain self-healing, her son observed a difference in the way she was being. 🙂

The End of Karma

Five years ago during the summer of 2012, I contacted fellow Quantum Healing practitioner Marilyn Dyke because I was having some uncomfortable skin rashes and some digestive issues. It was explained in the session that  I was too shy to ask Marilyn out for coffee so I booked her for a session instead.

It was a challenging, atypical session because I went nowhere. Instead, I connected with Nothingness — a facet of Source where both Everything and Nothing exist. In this session, we learned about Nothingness and Karma and a different way of looking at time and reality.

Here is a short excerpt from the session. Since Marilyn and I both have names that start with M, I will put Q as the questioner and A as the answer.

End of Karma and Multiple Realities

Q: One of her clients say that we are succeeding in saving the earth from destruction, is that true?

A: We are saving the earth from “perceived” destruction.  Every physical manifestation starts with a spiritual intention / thought. So if people begin to think there was supposed to be destruction, that turns into some kind of unwanted intention.  So what we want to say is that if people can begin to understand even just a little bit about the Nothingness of it all, then things wouldn’t matter to them as much and they wouldn’t feel like they need to “fight” for things.

Q: Ok, I want to step back into this reality that we are in now, where it is the general consensus that we are tipping the scale of balance and that the Earth is moving in a direction that destruction is not inevitable…Have we tipped in the positive direction?

A: There are simultaneous possibilities of both. And that is what many people see as the new or the old earth. Whatever we intend will become a possibility. So if we intend in our world, in our reality, that the Earth is peaceful and well, then the Earth is peaceful and well.  Then some people may live in the reality that the Earth is not peaceful and well, in fact, they are afraid that the Earth would not be peaceful and well, then that is what they will do.  In the laws of nature, everything in nature has is a way of balancing themselves.   But we may find the “correction” to be destructive.  So we told May the earth is a big crystal, that the energy is being extracted out of the this big crystal.  When you take away this energy, it must be replenished some how.  Normally, the Earth gets its replenishment from the Cosmos, but then the way the energy is being extracted from the Earth is very mechanical, like extraction of oil and gas.  Then they burn the oil and that causes greenhouse gases which causes a blockage in the replenished energy from the Cosmos and we wonder why there are holes in the ozone layer right?  It is just the Earth’s way of saying, I need a breather, I need that energy [to come through].  There is an imbalance of energy extraction and replenishment and there is going to be a period of time in which this will need to balance itself out.  And when it balances, it may be, for a period of time, at the cost of human life or something…from our perspective, death is life and life is death.  So we are not like, “Oh Gosh, these people are dying en mass”. In fact, it is just a transference of energy from physical to spiritual.  We don’t view it as a bad thing.  We see in the reality of the  earth doing poorly, there will be some big correction to balance that energy.  In the reality where the Earth is ‘balanced’, there will not be that kind of correction.  There are actually many Earths, not just two.

Q: Is it correct to say that every human on the earth is living on their own version of the earth?

A: We do it in groups. So you may call them “buddies”.  If a certain group of people believe in this kind of Earth, they live in this kind of earth.  If a group of people live in a different kind of earth, they actually live in that different kind of earth.  Sometimes they overlap,  which is why May doesn’t watch TV.

Q: So she doesn’t overlap with other people’s reality?

A: We are saying that she is now at a place where she can change or influence other peoples’ realities.  Where more people may think that the earth is doing well and that they can have anything they need and that survival is not a problem.

Q: Now, has May had previous lives before?

A: Hmmm…Lives are realities. Short answer is NO. She might have created different realities to experience.  She is not really on linear time.  She operates on simultaneous time.  So, if you view it from a human brain perspective of linear time and you ask if she has had past lives, the answer would be “No”.  But if you exist in the realm of simultaneous time, then she’s had many possibilities.

Q: She was wondering about the lives she has seen before in hypnosis and she was wondering if the lives she saw were “imprints” or they were actual experiences?

A: When she first went for hypnosis, she was not at the time, ready for the kind of information she is ready now. So we had to show her a “possibility” that she have chosen to experience. Now that she has the understanding she has now, she will less likely see additional possibilities.

Q: Can you comment on the Shower Theory with regards to past and future lives?

A: So they all occur at the same time simultaneously.  So time is not linear.  Think of it as many different experiences.  When the water comes out of a shower, they come in all at once at different times, different periods in human history.  And when you are experiencing this simultaneously, there is no “karma” in this kind of existence.  So in a normal linear time, you may think, in a past life I did “this” and then I had to come back and learn something because of what I did in a past life.  That’s linear time.  In simultaneous lives, there is the “No Karma Experience” and the No Karma Experience is “Everything At Once!”.

Q: So Humanity in general has done away with Karma, we are done away with Karma.  Is that a true statement? This is something I believe in that we are done with Karma.  We just don’t realize it.

A: From Nothingness we create Karma, but from Nothingness, you can also create no Karma.  Karma is a creation.  Therefore, if you so choose, you can create no Karma, whereas some other people may still choose Karma.  Does that make sense to you?

Q: So what I would say to that is, more and more people have chosen no Karma.

A: Karma was initially chosen.  As more and more people be with Nothingness, then there is no Karma.

Q: More and more people on earth today are realizing this so, this is not even a conscious thing for them and they are just moving in the direction of no Karma.

A: Let’s not think of people as “People as you see it”. You see, you can have 5 people to a soul.  You could have 100 people to a soul.  So to say “more people” would not be the best representation of the concept we are trying to deliver here.  This is part of May’s job you see, because she vibrates at the level of Nothingness and this vibration begins to dissolve the Karma into Nothingness…

Q: Do you have a parting message for May?

A: Be with that Nothingness!

Follow up Four Years Later

I no longer have skin issues or digestive issues (as long as I steer clear of meat and eggs). When I reviewed this session I realized that this session explained why we are getting less and less clients who will go into past lives in their spiritual regression sessions.  More and more people are beginning to experience time as non-linear. The general consciousness is ready for this.  This is why going “back and back and back” in time may not result in people going back in time.  This is also why I believe this work will and must continue to evolve… because there exists a simultaneous / parallel reality in which it has already evolved.

There is an expression that says “all roads lead to Rome” and I understood this as, all methods of healing and all of our existences always lead us back to Source.  There isn’t one perfect method / way of doing things. In fact, in the absence of linear time, we have been born and died already in the NOW.

Sound Healing with the Higher Self

I had an amazing weekend of doing sessions to help people connect to their own inner wisdom and higher self. In one of the sessions I facilitated, the client connect to her own powerful higher self and even offered me a healing! The client’s higher self was able identify the area of my body that was out of alignment and offered me a sound healing experience where I was asked to produce the sounds for my own healing. One of the most unique experiences I have had so far. This experience can only be shared through a video. Check it out!