Recently I have been contemplating the possibilities of being a coach.  It seem like coaches get to charge a lot of money for asking questions and I am the Queen of asking questions.  I have rarely met anyone with the same abilities to get to the heart of an issue as well as I can within a short period of time.

Since I thought of becoming a coach, I started doing some research online to see what kind of courses I can take to certify me as a coach.  I found 3 different institutions that could train me locally and one even offer online courses.

I started to ponder which programs I should consider because the tuition is very similar.  Then I was inspired by a great idea!  I thought to myself, why don’t I try to solicit free coaching from the student coaches from each institution and see which style of coaching I like the best?

Feeling incredibly pleased with how brilliant I am (I’m sure that’s my ego taking credit from a tip from my higher self), I started calling each coaching school to see if I can get student coaches to coach me.

Of all the schools I called (Erickson College, Rhodes College, and the Coaches Training Institute), the Coaches Training Institute left me a more significant impression than the others and here is why:

  • they had an automated system to route their calls
  • I was placed on hold
  • I was put through voicemail
  • I then sent an email, asking if there would be students interested to coach me and this was the response I got:

Thank you for your inquiry about CTI.  We do not act as an agent for our students.  The best idea would be to post your request on the main community discussion board of our online network,

  • I signed up for a forum and posted my request for free coaching and got a whole bunch of responses within 2 days. With 3 coaching sessions scheduled in less than 2 days.  I even got a coach from Erickson responding to my post on the CTI forum!
  • Despite not having spoken to one individual on the phone, I got the results I wanted.  Who needs the phone when you’ve got the internet?

Choosing Coaches

I have chosen two coaches to work with. One from Erickson and one from CTI.  They are the same and yet very different.  My criteria for selecting a coach is simple, those who made an impact on me in the first session gets my vote of confidence.  Here are some of the kinds of impact I have experienced in my first coaching calls with these two coaches

  • Both left me feeling fulfilled at the end of the session
  • My vibration was high at the end of the session
  • They did an exercise with me that allowed me to see a glimpse of what I want for myself
  • It was fun
  • The session left me wanting more of the same thing
  • I felt great afterwards

What is the benefit of coaching?

In my opinion, the benefits of coaching are:

  • Increases the emotional tone and thereby raising vibrations to allow an individual or a group to effectively manifest their desires
  • To increase clarity for an individual / group so that they can more effectively manifest their desires
  • To acknowledge accomplishments and successes so that an individual / group can better manifest their desires.

Equation for Manifestation

Thoughts + Feelings = Manifestation of your Desires

Some of the things that may help people to manifest their desires more quickly are:

  • having clarity on exactly what you want
  • feeling good
  • receiving and accepting the manifested reality with gratitude

In summary, a coach helps an individual or organization to produce results by doing exercises and asking questions to improve clarity and emotional tone to quickly manifest goals and desires.  This is why and how coaching works.