Thank you Universe! My higher self and Guide(s)!! 

This is a manifestation of an intention!!  Please refer to this blog postRecently I have been feeling bad about wanting a reading from Erin Pavlina while I am not making much money.   Somehow I have convinced myself that I shouldn’t feel bad at all because it is counter-productive to focus my attention on “not having enough money”.  I needed to have faith and continuously feel “abundant” and believing that I am abundant and I have abundance in my life.

Just two nights ago I had confessed to Dobes that I have a strong desire to make money for myself and be able to use some of this money as I wish without having to worry about what he thinks.  He thought it was a great idea that I should be able to spend money as I wish without having to disclose all my spending.  Dobes is so wonderful because he is always supportive and would never ask me to do any work that I didn’t want to do.  However, I still felt guilty spending money on psychic readings because I haven’t been bringing in any money in the last month.  I drifted off to sleep feeling a strong desire to have some of my own money to spend and being able to have a psychic reading with Erin.

Today my dad called me and informed me that he would be sending $1000 into my bank for my birthday.  I am just so happy!  I am so grateful for the universe for assisting in the manifestation of this opportunity to speak with Erin without feeling bad about not making the money for it.  Somehow, I am starting to realize that the society really give people a lot of pressure about actually “making money” instead of attracting money.

Here are several reasons why I believe I was able to manifest the some money and the opportunity to have a reading with Erin in 2 days:

  • I was authentic with Dobes (my husband) about what I want and how I felt

  • I knew very clearly why I wanted some money — I wanted to be able to have a reading with Erin Pavlina

  • I clearly set the intention that I would receive a reading with Erin within 3 months

I am booked for a reading with Erin on January 23, 2008 and I felt great after booking the reading.  There are several questions I would like to uncover:

·         Who are my higher guides and angels?

·         What messages do they have for me?

·         What is my life purpose?

·         What kind of career / things can I do to live out my higher purpose?  For now and in the future? Some career advice please!

·         Can I communicate with my higher guides / angels and higher self directly?

·         What is the status of my own psychic abilities? Do I have any?

·         May I have some psychic abilities too?  😉 If so, can I get a jump start of some kind? 😛

·         Can I manifest these abilities in my current physical form?

·         How do I learn how to heal people?  How can I learn how to heal my sore back? Why was I so sick in November and December?  What caused the rash on my legs and the lost of my voice?

·         Do I have to go to school or read books?

·         What kind of things can I do to ensure a long and fulfilling relationship with my husband?

·         How can I create abundance in a way that is fulfilling for me?  Is there a career I can do to earn money? Why do I dislike nursing?  Can I quit nursing permanently?


If there is time, I would also like to ask about my family members such as my dad, my sister and my mother.