Be the Light that You Are

Even without words
You can make a difference
By BEING the Light that you ARE
Being the Light transmutes ignorance without effort

Meet people where they are
Love and accept them as they are NOW
Not who they SHOULD be
And when they awaken
They shall know
Where to find you

Wisdom from a Tree

“I believe you may have a strong connection to plants.” I said to my friend as I sat across her at a vegetarian restaurant.
I wasn’t sure why I said this but I had a strong intuitive feeling that this was true. After over a decade of testing out my intuitive hunches, I finally came to the conclusion that I should really trust myself because my accuracy rate was pretty high.

Besides getting the hunch that my friend had a strong connection with the nature around her, my intuition also showed me how I was going to help her.

A few weeks later we made the trek out to a beautiful lake surrounded by beautiful trees. We picked a spot by the lake and sat down. When my friend told me she was ready to proceed, I told her to choose a tree or a plant nearby she would like to connect with.

She picked a tree beside her and I trusted my instincts and guided her to connect with her inner wisdom. Within minutes, my friend felt the Being that was the tree.

“What do you feel like?” I asked.
“It feels like my hips are very heavy and I am deeply anchored into the ground.” She said.
“How far do the roots go?” I asked.
“It goes all the way down to the edge of the lake…the roots of every tree are all interconnected together! So above the ground, the trees may seem separate from each other, but under the ground, they are all connected!”
“If the tree can tell you something now, a message that it has for you, what would it say?” I asked.
“The tree said ‘we are all One’.” My friend replied with tears streaming down her face.
She was not just getting a message, but she was experiencing the Oneness of the entire forest and all the life around her. There was a sense of awe in her voice when she spoke. It seemed like she deeply felt how loving and connected the trees were to one another. The forest was not a lonely place, it was a very vibrant place full of love, connection, and a sense of community between all the plants and animals.

After my friend shared her insights with me, I realized that the forest is very symbolic of life as a spiritual being in a physical body. The physical body is like the individual trees in the forest, seemingly separate from one another. The roots are like the spiritual being that inhabits the body — deeply connected to the souls of other beings.

We are all connected to each other at the roots of our soul, even if we seem separate to each other.

A Matter of Choice

Message from the Universe:

Remember, you can always choose how you feel.

It may seem hard at times, as if the bad feelings have taken over.

Know that you can always choose to look at things,
A little differently,
With more love and forgiveness,
More appreciation and gratitude,
For all of life’s experiences and lessons.

Strange Occurrence

“Hey May, did you try to come to my yoga class today? I had to close the door at 9:30 am and I saw someone outside the door who was late and couldn’t get in.  I was pretty sure it was you!” My friend texted me.
“It must have been a future time line you saw because I was pretty sure I was at home. Although I had planned to go to your class next week!” I replied.
“Future timeline!”
“Although this might suggest that in a future timeline, I will be late and get locked out of the yoga class.” I mused.
“She looked exactly like you May!” My friend insisted.
“I am also pretty sure that my twin sister was sleeping on the other side of the world in Taiwan” I said.
“I feel better now knowing that it wasn’t you trying to make the class and I couldn’t open the door.” My friend said.
“In the future if this happens, I’ll just fatten up some more at the Starbucks next door!” I needed to make sure she won’t feel bad in the future.

Ten hours later when I thought back to this conversation I wondered if I had mastered the art of teleportation…

A Pro at Manifesting Abundance

Another funny bedtime conversation with the kids…

Cedric: Mommy and Daddy are going to have to move out of the house one day.
Dante: No! Why? (Dante loves this house)
Cedric: Because we are going to grow up and leave the house and they might have to move somewhere else!
Dante: I tell you what Mommy, I’ll buy you and Daddy a house to live in.
May: GREAT! (I like where this conversation is going.)
Dante: Or better yet (sneaky look on his face), I’ll just send the bill to CEDRIC! Muahhahaha…
Cedric: That’s ok. I want to be RICH one day. Wait, correction, I am GOING to be RICH when I grow up.
May: Wow, Cedric, this is awesome, you seem 100% sure that you are going to be rich!
Cedric: And I am going to have infinite dollars!
May: Er…
Dante: What JOB are you going to do to get you all that money?
Cedric: I don’t need a job, I will just find thousands of dollars on the floor.
May: I love how confident you are Cedric.

I guess that was a reminder that I was talking to a seven year old boy who is just getting familiarized with all his numbers.  Recently he was just walking around and he picked up $200 from the floor near some vending machines. While I turned the cash into police in case someone else was looking for it, I was quite amazed how he was able to find the money where others might have overlooked the cash. Now he is a firm believer that money simply shows up easily for him. It seemed like he was well on his way to mastering the art of manifesting abundance in his life. I definitely didn’t tell him he has to go to school, get good grades so that he can get a good job. At the age of seven, he has got it all figured out.

While some parents reading this might feel like I may be misleading my kids into believing that money actually grows on trees, I sincerely believe that too many people are taught early on that having money requires hard work. If what we believe shall manifest into our physical reality, then I would rather that my sons believe with certainty that they are and will be abundant and that abundance can come to them easily and effortlessly.